BATMAN by McFarlane Designs Gold Label

by JC Alvarez
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Legendary comic great Todd McFarlane has designs on a new Dark Knight creation for the upcoming DC Multiverse line introducing the Gold Label Collection Series a new high-end line of exclusive original figures.

In the 1980s Todd McFarlane set out to make his own mark in comics and quickly emerged as one of the most prolific artists of the Modern Era with his flair for dramatic moods and textured style. McFarlane put his pencil to paper with a unique take on the denizens of Gotham City with the release of “Batman: Year Two” in Detective Comic. The book was a best-seller and continued to redefine the Dark Knight elevating the hero’s profile and solidifying his place as one of the imprint’s most viable cornerstones.

Continuing to expand on his brand, the enterprising McFarlane eventually took the comics industry to new levels, as one of the few artists and names that owned many of his own properties and forms of distribution, which soon would incorporate the production of sophisticated toy designs for the adult collector, many designed by the maestro himself. Recently McFarlane Toys acquired the very hefty DC Multiverse brand and has initiated a whole new level of collectible action figures based on characters the spectrum of DC multimedia platforms.

Preparing to take things to an entirely new level, McFarlane will be applying his own signature effects and designs to a new line of high-end collectible with the introduction of the new McFarlane Gold Label Collection Series with none other than a brand new Batman leading the charge! Inspired by Todd McFarlane himself, the “ultra articulated” 7-inch scale figure will feature up to 22 moving parts increasing the opportunity for playability and posing the figure for display. The “warrior” Batman is unlike anything anyone has seen before.

“Batman has always been my favorite character [excluding Spawn],” said McFarlane. “He has no superpowers. When it comes down to it, he’s just a dude in a costume trying to combat evil…and it’s an honor to design a new Batman figure.” The Gold Label Collection Series will be available exclusively at Walmart and pre-orders will begin in mid-October, with a release set for January 2021. The action figure will include several accessories including 2-swords and daggers, with a base for standing and a collectible art card.

DC Multiverse Batman is part of the upcoming McFarlane Gold Label Collection designed by Todd McFarlane and will be available exclusively at Walmart. Pre-orders begin mid-Oct, 2020, with the action figure retailing for $19.99.

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