Billy Crudup Talking “The Flash” Film

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Billy Crudup is in discussions to have a role in the upcoming Flash film project.

As fans remember, Crudup recently made his debut as Barry Allen’s wrongfully-convicted father, Henry, in 2017’s Justice League. The Flash has Ezra Miller returning as Barry Allen, along with Ben Affleck as Batman.

Billy Crudup is Back – Wait, he was going to be Barry Allen?!

But Crudup had been involved with the project before when Rick Famuyiwa was attached as director. Originally it was Crudup, not Miller, who was to portray Allen four years ago before departing. He was later cast as Barry’s father in Justice League when it was still directed by his former Watchmen director Zack Snyder. Crudup played John Otterman/Dr. Manhattan in his 2012 adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons game-changing 1984 miniseries.

The screenplay, written by Christina Hodson, loosely follows the plot of Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert’s miniseries Flashpoint. Like in the comic, Barry’s attempt to travel back in time to save his mother results in the creation of an alternate timeline. This film is also the viewer’s entry into the DC Multiverse, where every cinematic and TV iteration of DC superheroes is canon. To drive home that point, casting has included the return of Michael Keaton to the role of Batman.

The Flash is still in preproduction.

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