Review: Justice League Odyssey #25 (FINAL ISSUE)

by Seth Singleton
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Review: Justice League Odyssey #25

Review: Justice League Odyssey #25-Apokolips-Now

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Will Conrad

Colors: Rain Beredo

Letters: Andworld Design


Reviewed by: Seth Singleton


Justice League Odyssey #25 is the final issue and it’s here. The intergalactic team of Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, Orion of the New Gods, Red Lantern Dex-Starr, and New Teen Titans Starfire and Cyborg have been rejoined. Will the duplicitous Hax join their final stand against Darkseid? The answer will reshape the cosmos.

Review: Justice League Odyssey 25-Darkseid-Is-Coming-For-You


It’s great to have the gang back together. Even if it’s not all together, and there are some duplicates, and the world is still going to end. Fine, the universe. That doesn’t lessen the threat of Darkseid charging ahead with omega power dripping out of his eyes.

Darkseid is the raging monster who refuses to die. A vengeful New God who smashes Orion’s Astro Chair and smacks down his own son with a brush of one hand. He twists Cyborg like clay and seizes control of his army with one simple command.

It only seems like all is lost until Gamma Knife and Dex-Starr offer up a new perspective. However, in this case, it is Hax who shows them where to direct their focus and Dex-Starr who makes the argument that only cat lovers will understand.

Final Fight


Dex-Starr and Gamma Knife are among the stars who deserved more time on the stage in this finale.

Finish It


Justice League Odyssey brings to a close the far-flung adventures of a motley crew of leaguers. Through it, all, the heart, the engine, and the touchstone of this story has been the evolution of Jessica Cruz. Her spirit and her moral compass have kept the crew and its starship on course.

Like Odysseus, Cruz views all else but stopping Darkseid as a distraction. Her relentless commitment to the mission is the spirit that saves the team. Dan Abnett has crafted a beautiful chapter in the legacy of Jessica Cruz. In turn, the trajectory of her future will hinge on her fight to save the people she loves.

Good things should never have to end early. But in some cases, there can be an allowance made for leaving the reader wanting more and knowing that the future remains unwritten. A great sequel is just a keystroke away.


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