Boom! Studios Review: Firefly #22

by Tony Farina
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Review: Firefly #22

Firefly #22


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

WriterGreg Pak

Artist: Lalit Kumar Sharma

Colorist: Francesco Segala

Letterer: Jim Campbell


Reviewer: Tony Farina


The Blue Sun Rising event continues as Mal must form a new alliance, with the crew of Serenity and his greatest enemies. Luckily Mal is incredibly charming and nothing could go wrong… except that the Blue Sun’s police robots are getting smarter, deadlier and aim to eliminate anyone in their way. Unfortunately, that means Mal and everyone close to him.

Firefly #22


Firefly #22 features the glorious art of Lalit Kumar Sharma. Honestly, every time I see Sharma’s work I am a bit giddy. I know it is not for everyone. It almost feels pointillist at times. I happen to love that kind of art. Again, not for everyone, but using it here just continues to exemplify the fact that the ‘Verse is not fully formed. There are constant upheavals. Things are in flux. Things are dirty and dusty. There is ugliness there, but in Sharma’s hands, there is beauty in the ugliness as well. Colorist Segala locks it all down. I am in awe.

Firefly #22

It is so exciting to see Serenity again. One does not really realize how much one misses her until she is gone. She is a gorram sight for sore eyes. Of course, we only get to see her for a few panels so that stinks. Still, she is beautiful.

I do like what Pak is doing with this story. I think the “you cant trust the man” idea of Blue Sun is genius, but I just wish the whole team were together.


Firefly #22 lets readers who have been desperate for the team to get back together down. Count me as one of those members. I feel like I am slowly recovering from my Firefly Stockholm Syndrome where I have been held captive for so long that I am going to love it no matter what. I love these characters and I want to spend time with them. All of them not just one of them. Mal only works when he has the team with him. He is not a solo act.


Firefly #22 is just a tease. We finally see the team only to lose them again. The book should really just be called Sheriff Mal. That is more accurate. The pace is solid and the story is intriguing, but it just remains uneven. Looking forward to the Wash stand alone series next week though.


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