Wonder Woman 1984 May Be Released Early On Demand In UK, Runtime Revealed

by Brad Filicky
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Wonder Woman 1984 will play in cinemas in the U.K. for just one month from Dec. 16 before potentially getting a premium video-on-demand (PVOD) release on Sky.

The deal between Warner Bros. and Sky isn’t yet complete and exact terms are still being hammered out, but discussions are in advanced stages. While the sequel won’t appear in theaters and on the movie service on the same day, it signifies flexibility on the part of the country’s exhibitors.

The Wednesday, Dec. 16 theatrical release date for Wonder Woman 1984 has now been confirmed with local exhibitors. The movie could drop on Sky as early as one month after the it hits theaters, though this isn’t yet confirmed. The film could appear in various forms on Sky — for example, it may be rented via a standard transactional VOD deal through Sky Store, and then land on movie service Sky Cinema. Exhibitors want the arrangement to be an exception made in extraordinary circumstances and not the rule going forward.

“What we’re doing on the basis of trying to help out the studios and our partners is to look at an emergency COVID window which is just the maximum amount of flexibility to get movies onto screens,” says a senior source close to U.K. discussions, who assures the Wonder Woman 1984 scenario “isn’t setting up a precedent for the future, but acknowledging that we’re finding ways of working together.”

In other Wonder Woman 1984 news, we learned the runtime of the film! Get ready for lots of Wonder Woman, the film clocks in at 2 hours and 31 minutes!

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