Season Seven Episode Names Revealed For “The Flash”

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Season Seven of The Flash is on its way, and it has its first episode names to prove it.

Season Seven – The Dates And Where Barry and Company Are Now

The sixth season of The Flash cut off at episode 17 due to the  Corona Virus pandemic, the CW series will open its seventh year with those missing episodes. Scheduled to begin on February 23, 2021, the first five episodes are as followed:

7.01 – “All’s Well That Ends Wells” (02/23/21)

7.02 – “The Speed of Thought” (03/02/21)

7.03 – “Mother” (03/09/21)

7.04 – “Central City Strong” (03/16/21)

7.05 – “Fear Me” (03/23/21)

The latter half of last season left many subplots unresolved: Barry’s speed is nearly gone after the death of the Speed Force, Iris and Camilly are trapped in the Mirrorverse, and Sue Dibny has been framed for the crimes of Eva McCullough, the new Mirror Master. Lastly, Caitlin Snow has left with her mother, Dr. Carla Tannhauser, to recover from injuries sustained as Killer Frost. Although Hartley Sawyer, who played Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man since Season Four, was fired over the show’s hiatus due to uncovered racial slurs on social media, his scenes recorded before the pandemic will be aired. Natalie Dreyfuss, who portrays Sue Dearbon, will remain as series regular. However, the one silver lining is the return of Captain Joe West to Team Flash.

The titles, although without synopses, offer clues as to storylines. The first could allude to the fact that Nash Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) finds some kind of balance with the multiple Harrison Wells personalities in his mind. “Mother” could hint at Caitlin’s mother, who may or not be the new Icicle after the events of the fifth season.

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