Hot Toys Unveil New Batman-Inspired 1:6 Scale Collectibles

by Joshua Raynor
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Hot Toys recently announced it will re-release the Batman figurine based on Christian Bale’s version of The Caped Crusader in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, which originally debuted in 2012.
The Batman Sixth Scale Collectible Figure is part of the brand’s DX Series and was inspired by Bale’s portrayal in The Dark Knight Rises. According to an official description posted by Sideshow, “the highly-detailed figure features two newly developed Batman helmeted head sculpts with interchangeable faces techniques design including one with LED light-up function and one with separate rolling eyeballs features.
“The figure also comes with a newly developed head sculpt of Bale-as-Bruce Wayne with accurate facial expression, detailed hair, wrinkles and skin texture and a new body that highlights Batman’s muscular frame, as well as a tailored Batsuit complete with weave carbon fiber-like detailing.Among the featured Batman gadgets are an EMP rifle with LED light-up function, a sticky bomb gun, a grapnel gun, batarangs, and mini-mines, as well as a highly elaborated stone-like diorama figure base for display. The figure also comes with six pieces of interchangeable gloved hands, a metallic utility belt and a stone-like figure base featuring steps, the movie logo and a character nameplate.
The Batman Sixth Scale Collectible Figure was recreated in accurate proportions and measures 12.6 inches in height. It is available to pre-order for $290, with an estimated arrival of April 2022 to June 2022.Hot Toys is also expected to drop an updated figurine version of the Bat-Pod — which was also appeared in The Dark Knight Rises — in the third quarter of 2022. Per the description, the Bat-Pod collectible was “recreated with extreme precision and outstanding painting applications, complemented with perfectly scaled aerodynamic design and mechanical details throughout its engine and body.” It measures 23 inches in length, features headlights with light-up function, rotatable rubber tires, and updated mechanical features such as munitions clusters, operator controls and guards, saddle, and footrest.


The Dark Knight Rises starred Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Tom Hardy as Bane, Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake, Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate/Talia al Ghul, Michael Caine as Alfred, Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon and Morgan Freeman as Fox. The film was released in 2012 and concluded Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

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