A First Look at DC’s Future State | JUSTICE LEAGUE #1

by JC Alvarez
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From out of the dark comes the light! Once the metal cools, the future will begin! DC takes a look at its enduring legacy in a two-month event entitled “Future State” and the next generation of heroes are introduced in the two-part FUTURE STATE: JUSTICE LEAGUE.

The DC Multiverse will never be the same as the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 (on sale January 5) reach a complex and from the ashes of that cataclysmic confrontation, there may be a great many changes in store — especially for some of our most favorite heroes. As the dust settles and the fate of several major players are revealed from the fallout of Dark Nights the next two-month will be dedicated to the next generation, as DC unveils its next big event! What lies in store for the World’s Greatest Heroes will be revealed in DC Future State.

The 2-month spectacular will glimpse the destinies of many of the DC Universe’s most popular friends and foes, including who will take up the mantle of Earth’s greatest defenders in DC Future State: JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 which will launch a new era for Jonathan Kent as the future’s Superman, and we meet Yara Flor/Wonder Woman and Jo Mullein is the future’s Green Lantern. The core members will be joined by Aquawoman, a new Flash, and Batman (whose true identity is still a secret). This team protects the planet, but they also protect their identities from each other!

Dangerous Times…

A group gets caught up in a mystery when some of their greatest enemies are murdered inside the Hall of Justice, now abandoned — and from all indications, the main suspects are The Justice League!

Here is your First Look at DC Future State: JUSTICE LEAGUE #1:

The special 2-part issue also includes a bonus story starring Justice League Dark in an epic tale that has Zatanna and Constantine reuniting with their teammates to bring down one of the most legendary magical foes they’ve ever faced!

DC’s Future State: JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 is set to make waves on January 12, 2021. Written by Joshua Williamson with art by Robson Rocha, and featuring a cover by Dan Mora. The issue will also include a bonus story starring the Justice League Dark.

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