Review: Sweet Tooth: The Return #3

by Seth Singleton
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Review: Sweet Tooth: The Return #3


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Artist: Jeff Lemire

Colors: José Villarrubia

Letters: Steve Wands


Reviewed by: Seth Singleton


Sweet Tooth: The Return #3 is here and Gus and Penny have a new ally that looks like an elephant. They also face a choice as they run to escape from Father’s prison cell and must consider their future and all the risks it holds.



Gus and Penny are such an Earnest Duo. Both are very considerate. In addition, they’re kind and giving. They are also honest with each other. Penny just wants to go home, rewind everything that’s happened, and be with her mom and dad.

Gus wants the same, but he doesn’t have a home. He’s never had a mom or dad. The closest familial reference we see is the appearance of Nanny Tu on page 4. That reunion is the only opportunity for her to say goodbye. The only thing Nanny Tu knows is that she can’t protect Gus. This means the best thing she can do for his safety is to help him escape.


Earl is the name of the elephant who appears in front of the cell that holds Gus and Penny. Although startled by his initial appearance, Earl earns Gus and Penny’s trust when by violently defending them and Nanny Tu. Later, during a pivotal scene, his very appearance frightens the followers of Father.

There are followers who believe that Gus is a prophesied leader who has returned. The followers have spent generations living in a cavern. Some like Mel, don’t care about prophecies. Others like Mickel only want to protect the children. He and his care nothing for prophecy for punishment.


In the last pages, Gus and Penny discover a hidden chamber. Inside is a horrible revelation. It will shock Gus and Penny and no doubt change what they believe and think they understand forever. It is the beginning of the greater world unfolding.


Not in this issue.



Once again Jeff Lemire provides a glimmer of hope buried in caverns of the future. Hidden underground the last remnants of the human race’s dream of better future lives. In the eyes of some, Gus will determine that future. But to his credit, it is a job that Gus does not want, and yet it’s the qualities of love, compassion, and generosity which not only drive him but make him the only choice to change the present in the future.

It is still unknown if Gus will come to see how his role as a leader might become more important than his personal wants and needs. Father and his people created Gus for a purpose. Now, he can change that purpose to become something he wants. Even if it’s only to benefit others will that be enough to shape his destiny? If not, the opportunity to choose another path may connect with something Gus has not yet discovered. There have been worse reasons to join the journey. This one sounds like one of the best.


5outof5 DC Comics News

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