Review: SPAWN #314

by Carl Bryan
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Review: SPAWN #314  

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Todd McFarlane

Artist: Carlo Barberi

Letters: Tom Orzechowski

Colors: Jay David Ramos  

Reviewed by: Carl Bryan





“Seconds from now he’ll painfully receive his answer. ” – Narrator


Gunslinger Spawn Medieval Spawn The Reaper Ninja Spawn If this villain cannot be defeated, then the fabric of time will begin to tear and out will pour the savage warriors of Heaven and Hell upon Earth.

Todd McFarlane and Carlo Barberi conclude their gut-wrenching story of Spawn vs. Monolith and his eventual confrontation with Omega Spawn. 

  The result is not good. More Spawn, and more pieces as we march towards what could be the end of Al Simmons.  Check out the green sword!


 Carlo Barberi’s pens provide a clean, clean look to this comic.  Most of the Spawn comics are in the dark, but here we have a battle on the beach where the blue sky and brown sand give the backdrop to let colors pop and pencil marks display.  Barberi falls right in lines with McFarlane and Capullo in how he details the drawings of these characters as he not only works on our beloved Al Simmons’ Spawn, but he gives the Monolith quite the treatment.  

Omega Spawn is in a league of its own and Barberi’s pens Jay David Ramos’ coloring is to be celebrated. That frame with Overt-Kill beeping on the shore…good stuff!

Story wise, we find out a lot more now in regards that there are more Spawn than we anticipated.  In fact, Earth has just been populated with every creature Heaven and Hell could produce as they are trapped in this timeline and on the Earth.  So whatever green gooey plasmatic bomb that Al Simmons let loose in issue #300, he certainly has provided a lot of mileage for this comic as every Spawn incarnation is on the loose.

Positives 2.0

Spawn #314 – Art, Art, Art.  I cannot say enough about the colors, the battle scenes, and the framing as to how this story is being told.  Both Barberi and Ramos are in their element and having a great run in this story line and it shows!

McFarlane and Capullo oversee the cover art and it is poster worthy every time!  Love the capes!

Accolades for World Record Setting

Each issue of Spawn sets a new World Record for independent comics.  That’s history every time you buy an issue!  Not to mention Tom Orzechowski  has lettered almost every one of these issues.  That brand consistency is phenomenal.


Okay…This issue comes up in both descriptions of future comics as well as covers.  McFarlane keeps introducing all these new Spawns on covers and in the press, but I have yet to see a Ninja Spawn in action.  Plague Spawn is on an alternate cover…is he really Covid-19 Spawn? These characters are trickling out at a snail’s pace.  Anticipation…. not a negative, but these issues have been superlative and full of new life since #300.  

Capullo explains that Todd is really not into allowing covers tell the story of what is inside and I get that.  But when you preview the character, it’s like buying a pack of baseball cards with this comic.  You may not get what you bargained for on the cover nor in the issue description from Image.


Spawn #314 – If Omega Spawn can employ Monolith, how can a much smaller team of Spawn defeat him?  That is what we are hanging around for as it appears Al’s team is slated to make an appearance soon.  The art and the script keeps getting stronger and stronger…too bad Al’s power meter is not climbing as well (inside joke, but buy issues 1-313 and you’ll get it!)  


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