Review: The Last God #12: Final Issue

by Tony Farina
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Review: The Last God #12

The Last God #12 DC Comics News[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer and creator: Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Artist: Riccardo Federici

Colorists: Arif Prianto, Allen Passalaqua and Sunny Gho

Cartographer: Jared Blando

Letterer: Tom Napolitano

Back Matter Designers: Steve Wands and Amedeo Turturro

Reviewer: Tony Farina


At the edge of creation lies the Black Stair. From beyond it, from the Void of non-existence, He has returned. Mol Uhltep, The Last God. The God in The Void walks the world of Cain Anuun once more, bringing his apocalyptic prophecy of thirty years past to fruition. This is the story of those who failed to stop Him. The mortals who believed they could kill a god and protect their world from the cold embrace of unlife. Instead, they lie dead and dying atop the Black Stair as the world crumbles around them. This is how it all ends. The void awaits.

The Last God #12 DC Comics News


The Last God #12 sticks the landing. What a final battle. Everything feels earned. No corners have been cut to try to squeeze everything into one neat little package. There is ambiguity. Endings are not simple because life, in general, regardless of realm, is not simple. The afterward from Kennedy Johnson even mentions that we could visit this world again. Fingers crossed.

Please take special notice once again to give the artistic team, all of them, a standing ovation. I am going to pack in two splash pages here so you can just stop whatever you are doing and stare. I did when I read it.

The first specimen:

I know right? Now for number two:

The Last God #12 DC Comics News

What do you even do with something that haunting and perfect except hang it on a wall. I am serious when I say that literally every panel in every issue of this series is worthy of being framed.


I am saddened that this is over. I suppose it is better to go out strong than hang around for too long. Everyone should take a bow.


The Last God #12 is epic. It is beautiful and haunting and perfect. This is how you end a story.  This is what a maxi-series is supposed to be. All fantasy stories be they comics, books, TV or movies,  have a new high mark to which they must measure themselves. Go back to the beginning and read it all again. I am going to do it right now. I can’t recommend this book enough. Run. Don’t walk.


5outof5 DC Comics News

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