Future State: Red Hood Targets The Next Batman!

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Future State adds to its possible future of the DC Universe with the fate of Jason Todd.

Once again, the former Robin has gone rogue on The Bat-Family, hunting the new Dark Knight. In Future State: Red Hood, writers Joshua Williamson (The Flash) and Dennis Culver and artist Giannis Milogiannis see Todd working as the Magistrate’s bounty hunter. His mission: Track down the new Batman and bring him back dead or a live.

Future in Red – What is Going On With Jason Todd?

DC Comics offers the following synopsis:

Disaster strikes Gotham City and all evidence points to Tim Fox, The Next Batman! Jason Todd chooses justice over his family and allies when The Magistrate enlists him to bring in the new Batman, dead or alive! Featuring the entire cast from the popular DC Future State Batman titles, Future State Gotham  begins the next chapter in this inevitable world of tomorrow and does so with this dynamic, noirish format.

The six-issue miniseries is the latest in DC’s line of titles that reveal the fates of DC’s pantheon of heroes. From a new Wonder Woman to Jon Kent assuming the mantle of Superman, tomorrow’s heroes are startling.

Jason Todd has always had a touch-and-go relationship with Bruce Wayne’s brood, even before he was killed. In the past few years since DC Rebirth, Red Hood’s place in the family has remained a work in progress. In Geoff Johns’s The Three Jokers, Todd crossed a moral line by killing a Joker, then a romantic line with Barbara Gordon. The fact that he is now hunting down the new Dark Knight in this miniseries doesn’t stray too far from his behavior in pre-Flashpoint’s “Battle for the Cowl.” That saw him try to assume the mantle of the Bat by force, followed by Grant Morrison’s take going completely rogue again. It will be interesting to watch where Williamson takes this black sheep next. After his momentous run on The Fastest Man Alive, there is no doubt he will add layers of complexity to the character of Red Hood.

Future State: Red Hood #1 is scheduled to debut May 11th.

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