Review: Batwoman 2×03 – “Bat Girl Magic”

by Steven Brown
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Review: Batwoman 2×03 – “Bat Girl Magic”

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Director: Holly Dale

Writer: Nancy Kiu

Starring: Javicia Leslie, Rachel Skarsten, Meagan Tandy, Nicole Kang, Camrus Johnson, and Dougray Scott


Reviewed by: Steven Brown



Batwoman 2×03 – Finally getting a new job thanks to the assistance of Mary Hamilton, Ryan Wilder is starting to learn what’s its like having a dual identity in “Bat Girl Magic“. Meanwhile across the ocean Alice and Sophie finally meet Safiyah–and the meeting doesn’t go to plan.



I was happy to finally see Ryan Wilder land a job in this particular episode. Meeting with her parole officer, Ryan admits that she’s struggling to find a job. However thanks to quick thinking on her part, Mary is pretty much forced to hire her at her bar The Hold Up. Gotham is under attack by Victor Zsasz, who seems to be killing random people throughout the city, but it’s not as random as it appears. Confronted by the new Batwoman for the first time, Victor dismisses her and rightfully so. Ryan appeared overconfident in their first encounter and it didn’t go well for her. Zsasz escapes, and it leaves her to get scolded by Luke Fox when she returns to the cave. Alice and Sophie find themselves trapped on Safiyah’s island with no chance of escape. Alice wants revenge for Safiyah’s murder of Kate, but a revelation is made that changes things for Alice. I want to say that Alice and Sophie appear to be on the same page this episode just because of the search for Kate. I’m thinking we may seem a team up in the future between them, which may be interesting judging on this episode.


I really disliked the final fight between Victor Zsasz and Batwoman in this episode. In the final moments, Victor goes after Mary at her clinic and Batwoman shows up. The fight between Victor and Batwoman was very brief, and when she does get the upper hand it’s not through her skill–its because of luck. I don’t understand why Ryan isn’t training in the cave or at least doing target practice with those batarangs. I really hope the gag of her not understanding the suit fades away soon–it’s a joke that’s dying fast. The relationship that’s building between Luke, Mary and Ryan seems interesting as they all share an idea of protecting Gotham. The team itself and it’s development was a good step in this episode of “Bat Girl Magic”, but I hope the next episode is way better than this.


Overall “Bat Girl Magic” was a decent episode but I really hope that Ryan gets used to using the batsuit soon. The fights even with even common criminals become difficult because she’s not using her resources properly. Hopefully now that Luke has come around to helping Ryan  we’ll see her training more with the suit and its functions.




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