Review: DC Love Is A Battlefield #1

by Seth Singleton
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Review: DC Love Is A Battlefield #1

Review: Love Is A Battlefield #1-DC-Comics-News-Reviews

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Christos Gage, Cavan Scott, Crystal Frasier, Regine Sawyer, Mark Russell, Sina Grace, Marquis Draper, Pornsak Pichetshote, Tim Seeley, John Ridley

Artists: Xermanico, Juan Gedeon, Rob Guillory, Nik Virella, Karl Mostert, Pop Mhan, Chris Moneyham, Rebekah Isaacs, Amancay Nahuelpan

Pencillers: Jose Luis

Inkers: Jonas Trindade

Colors: Romulo Fajardo, Jr., Rex Lokus, Ulises Arreola, Mike Spicer, Ivan Plascencia, June Chung, Michael Russell

Letters: Travis Lanham, Steve Wands, Rob Leigh, Ferran Delgado, Andworld Design, Wes Abbott, Marshall Dillon, Troy Peteri, Pat Brosseau, Carlos M. Mangual

Cover: Kaare Andrews

Reviewed by: Seth Singleton



Love is a Battlefield #1 is a collection of romance stories perfect for a Valentine’s Day evening alone or with someone special.



“Perfect Matches” is a wonderful example of a romantic pairing that is unexpected. Matches Malone and Selina Kyle are adorable. They make the Riddler and Max Zeus seem silly and pretentious. “Bittersweet” is a perfect example of why Diana and Steve Trevor will always struggle to spend time together. Things seem so easy when they’re fighting. It’s how they work together. Sitting down for dinner is so much harder.


Stories like “Loose Lips” feature secondary characters like Perry White and Amanda Waller and together they shine. Blackmail, a failed coup, and a missing reporter are the necessary ingredients in this love story. Task Force X should be the star but it doesn’t feel that way.

The story of Avery and Wallace West is a beautiful story about the love of friendship between two speedsters. It’s a clear contrast to the always complicated adventures of Harley and Poison Ivy. Their story has the perfect title of “The Beginning”. A story about how it all began for one of DC Comics’ favorite couples.


After reading Robert Venditti’s Hawkman series it’s hard to consider reading another story about the legendary romance between Carter Hall in Shayera. Cavan Scott does a wonderful job of finding another chapter to add to the never-ending saga in a story called “Together Forever.”

Positives — Cont.

Anniversary” is a lovely celebration of Scott Free and Big Barda. The only thing that makes the story better is the Furies. Barda’s former sisters in war arrive to pay their respects and the only way they know. Sometimes the original gift is so wonderful it can be part of something new and unexpected and even more beautiful for the reasons that created it.


“Ex-Position” is a wonderful example of the history that Starfire and Nightwing have as a DC Comics couple. Over the years it’s the memories and the lessons learned that can show two people what they’ve always had all along.

“Able” featuring Sergeant Rock is a celebration of the brotherhood shared between soldiers. It is also a celebration of the challenges and struggles every brotherhood must overcome to succeed. It’s the journey and the choices that will define bonds for lifetimes.


“The Heart Wants” is a title that sounds like a pop song. But this is a John Ridley story that is not limited to catchy lyrics. This is a story about responsibility, history, and what we will do or not in an attempt to make amends. It’s also a beautiful story about choice and hope. The artist Amancay Nahuelpan offers a few stylistic glimpses that remind this reviewer of Riley Rossmo’s character expressions. It draws attention to something that can’t be put in words but it’s so easy to recognize when the eye discovers it.


Not in this dojo.



DC Comics has become a master of anthologies. This book is a prime example of what excellence looks like. Like so many that preceded it, this is the kind of book readers and romance lovers will put inside a plastic bag and take out every Valentine’s Day.

More importantly, this is a showcase of new writers, new artists, and fresh ways to enjoy time with characters. Years from now fans can look back to a classic story first told within these pages by writers and artists forging new destinies. Expanding the legacies of the characters that readers treasure because of the way they are loved by the creators who bring every panel and page to life.


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