Review: Future State: Dark Detective #3

by Seth Singleton
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Review: Future State: Dark Detective #3

Review: Future State: Dark-Detective-#3-Inside-Cover-DC-Comics-News-Reviews

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Mariko Tamaki, Matthew Rosenberg

Artist: Dan Mora,  Carmine Di Giandomenico

Colors: Jordie Bellaire, Antonio Fabela

Letters: Aditya Bidikar, ANDWORLD DESIGN


Reviewed by: Seth Singleton



Future State: Dark Detective #3 is another dizzying issue. On the heels of a murder, Bruce Wayne continues investigating Magistrate’s secret surveillance of Gotham City with the help of his roommate Noah. Meanwhile, Grifter is still trying to help Tim Fox even though everyone they run into wants Cole Cash dead.


Positives — Dark Detective

Noah’s daughter does not like Bruce very much. Until now, Bruce has not shown her much interest aside from keeping her out of his investigation. The discovery of the Magistrate’s insect-sized drones changes all of that. Once Batman discovers how many drones are watching Noah’s daughter it leads him right to the door of the Magistrate.

The drones are learning. Batman has increased his efforts to trap them. The drones are smarter. Upgraded and booby-trapped to explode. Stakes go up when Wayne discovers more. Instead of just exploding the fly-sized drones now attract the attention of larger drones.


Bruce Wayne and fans of the Future State: The Next Batman know that there are now two Caped Crusaders running the streets of Gotham and wearing a cowl. It was only a matter of time before they came into contact with each other. Bruce Wayne recognizes his suit. Seeing it worn by someone else is an unhappy experience.

What follows is an exchange that the Dark Detective is used to delivering. There’s even a warning about staying home. It only makes Bruce Wayne laugh. Readers looking for a physical conflict will be disappointed that no blows were exchanged or punches thrown.


Positives  Grifter

Grifter is the guy who deserves to get kicked in the face by the Huntress. That was established for this reviewer even before the discovery that he has burned her and so very many others. Thankfully, Tim Fox has a credit card with an endless limit and it’s accepted everywhere.

Huntress is a joy to read. She is deliberate, ruthless, and has a rare soft spot of Cole Cash. She takes risks she should not, and it has more to do with Grifter than Tim Fox.

Just when it all seems to be working out, Grifter is determined to do the wrong thing. Maybe it’s for the right reasons, probably not. Then again, when he is smiling at the end it seems like there is more to the story than what is on the page.

Negatives — Dark Detective

Batman has lost his perspective. Is it the product of being hunted for so long?  Seeing the big picture used to be a weapon in Batman’s arsenal. Now, it seems like he misses the obvious dangers and threats.

Negatives  Grifter

Grifter is the kind of scumbag who always lands on his feet. This can be annoying to the point of frustration. Readers must decide how much luck one dirtbag deserves.


Mariko Tamaki is building a mystery and Dan Mora makes it all look so good. The stylish storytelling and subtle lines tell the story of a Gotham and a Batman in the midst of a crisis. Jordie Bellaire’s colors are glaringly gorgeous and dedicated to showcasing every scene. Every word is a statement captured by Aditya Bidikar’s letters.

Likewise, Matthew Rosenberg’s Grifter is a glimpse into how the underbelly of a broken city thrives. The morals are loose but the loyalty is for life. Antonio Fabela’s colors bring out the light in Carmine Di Giandomenico’s art and plunge the darkest moments with shadow. Andworld Design’s letters are textbook and methodical.


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