Wonder Woman Gets Help From Thor!

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Wonder Woman will get assistance from The God of Thunder, but no Marvel crossover involved.

Wonder Woman and Thor?! What Can We Expect?!

Yes, everyone thinks of Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Walt Simonson, and even Chris Hemsworth when people think of Thor. However, this is DC’s version of the Norse God of Thunder. This coming May’s Wonder Woman #772 by the new creative team – Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, and Travis Moore – sees Thor return to Diana’s circle for an Asgardian adventure, starting in March.

DC offers this official synopsis:

Wonder Woman may have outsmarted the beasts of Asgard for now, but nothing has prepared her for what’s to come. Diana’s darkest self has emerged as a new opponent, and she’ll need help from an unexpected ally whose connection to thunder has inspired many a tale: Thor! Can this god-and-demi-goddess duo find out what has disturbed the balance of things? Or are they doomed to leave everything, including their lives, on the battlefield? Find out as this Norse narrative continues!

A previous adventure involving Thor also involved Superman, as the three participated in a war in hell that went on for a thousand years. The story was pre-Flashpoint and written by Jeph Loeb, and saw Superman become Thor’s alternate when he was killed and Clark wielded Mjolnir until Thor’s resurrection.  The story also saw Clark and Diana’s relationship tested, as they grappled with the idea of becoming intimate over the course of this war. In return for their long contributions, Thor had transported Diana and Clark back to the present day. And Jack Kirby himself had actually created a version of Thor for DC long before he provided Marvel with their iconic version.

Wonder Woman #772 is scheduled for release on May 11th.

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