The Crime Syndicate And Earth-3 Are Reborn

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The Crime Snydicate, like the rest of the DC Multiverse, has been reborn.

In the aftermath of Dark Knights: Metal, the multiverse was once again made anew, and that includes Earth-3. Further, that includes the Justice League’s antithesis, The Crime Syndicate.  Composed of Owl-Man, Ultraman, Superwoman, Power Ring, Johnny Quick, and others, they’ve plagued the League multiple times since the Silver Age.  And now, DC brings yet another iteration of the League’s dark shadow.

The Crime Syndicate – What To Expect and Where Did We See Them Last?

Coming March 2nd is Crime Snydicate, a miniseries written by Andy Schmidt with art by Kieran McKeown, detailing the villainous ensemble’s backstory. Schmidt can’t help but be enthusiastic about this opportunity.

He explains, “We’re establishing the Crime Syndicate’s origin story for the first time, [how] and why they came together. And we’re not taking it lightly. You’ll find that you’ve entered a fully realized [world;] this is the story of the Crime Syndicate, but it’s also the story of Earth-3 and it move fast and pulls no punches.”

The last time the Snydicate were seen was during 2013’s Forever Evil miniseries during The New 52. Their fates were not resolved and left up in the air from the DC Rebirth line.  The only remnant of that version is Jessica Cruz, who inherited the power ring from that universe’s Hal Jordan.

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