Titan Comics Review: Blade Runner 2029 #3

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Blade Runner 2029 #3


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers:   Mike Johnson and Michael Green

Artists:  Andres Guinaldo

Colors:  Marco Lesko

Letters:   Jim Campbell

Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


“Verification will not be a problem.” –  Yotun holding a eyeball to gain access to the Mayor’s building

The first comic to tell original, in-cannon stories set in the Blade Runner universe returns!

In 2022, radical elements within the REPLICANT UNDERGROUND detonate an EMP device over Los Angeles, destroying Tyrell Corporation’s Nexus databases, and making it easier for escaped Replicants to resettle on Earth. Soon, all Replicants are banned and the Tyrell Corporation declares bankruptcy.

It is 2029 and Blade Runner AAHNA “ASH” ASHINA, rejoined the department to hunt down fugitive Replicants. Her superiors are unaware that her loyalties are divided.  She continues to hunt the streets of the rain-soaked dystopian world of Los Angeles for renegade Replicants, but this time she’s trying to protect as many as she can find..

Blade Runner 2029 #3 – Ash finds her loyalties and humanity challenged by two Replicants, one offering her salvation, the other deadly damnation!


Mike Johnson’s writing plunges deep into the mystery of a years gone by confrontation between Detective Ash and a Replicant by the name of Yotun….(picture a mini-Bane without the mask and venom… but as strong).

Johnson’s work on this issue has all the feels of a movie.  The grit and noir of Blade Runner is at it’s max as there is detective work, confrontation, fights, a blood transfusion….. all in the name of creating more Replicants.

But from a philosophical point, creation for good and not just for war and service.  Yotun seems to be the center of it all for an ultimate confrontation in creating Replicants as an equivalent to humans, but also to possibly rule over humans.


Positives 2.0

Andres Guinaldo  captures the movie fans in his renderings of Ash and the landscape of the city.  From extracted eyeballs, to the ever present rain to the detective overcoat… he gets it!

If this ever comes to the big screen, he should storyboard the crap out of the movie as his vision makes the Blade Runner environment come to life!


Crickets are chirping as you need to check this out!  This comic is breaking the rules a bit in expanding our knowledge of the Blade Runner universe.  If you are a Pulp Noir fan or simply a Blade Runner fan, you should be on board with this Titan Comics entry.


This story line is perfect.  A new Blade Runner…well, she is pretty old now as we have gotten used to Detective Ash.  She’s a strong character for this book and the landscape is so promising.  I just hope she survives this story line.  Looks like rain is coming.


5outof5 DC Comics News

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