Indie Comics Review: Crossover #5

by Seth Singleton
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Review: Crossover #5

Review: Crossover #5 cover

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Donny Cates

Artist: Geoff Shaw

Colors: Dee Cunniffe

Letters: John J. Hill

Reviewed by: Seth Singleton



Crossover #5 explodes with a catalyst that forces the hand of The Paybacks, Ellie, Ava, and the frightened son of an abusive father to take the actions that will change them forever. It’s the penultimate chapter of the Kids Love Chains storyline.

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Valofax is one of those lovely ideas that gets better every time it’s mentioned. For starters, it’s a sword twice the size of anyone carrying it. Second, Ryan Lowe, otherwise known as the son of crazed Reverend Lowe, knows how it works. Oh, and then there is the story of the family it came from and the meaning it holds.

Finally, the sword is limitless. In the words of Ryan Lowe, who also has a secret agenda, and a gun to back it up, Valofax can do anything. It transports Madman, The Paybacks, Ellie, Otto, Ava, and et al. to the sight of the dome in a blur.

Reverend Lowe is the reason that running to the dome is such a priority. At the end of the last issue, the Not-So-Good-Reverend had gotten his hands on a man dressed as a superhero. That same man is led into a superhero prison and examined. But instead of superpowers, this man has garish stitches that hide the bomb sewn into his torso.

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The exploding bomb destroys the prison, kills many, and allows the imprisoned powered individuals to escape. Madman knows that they will head directly for the dome. They’ll have no way in unless this motley crew gets there first. But getting there is only half the problem.

Now, there are jets screaming overhead. The Amalgamations are a secret government project that combines human and inhuman parts to construct powered warriors. Their arrival only makes things more desperate.

Ava reveals her powers. Ellie grabs hold of the Valofax. She knows before Madman’s warning that contact with the sword will show her everything. How much the reader sees is open to interpretation. And just for good measure, Valofax can talk.

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Not today. Not this issue.



Donny Cates has been building momentum. The escalation from Ryan Lowe in the first issue unleashed a torrent of chaos. His father continues an offensive designed to divide and enrage. The convergence at the Dome is not supposed to end in world peace. But it has the power to forge the destinies of Ryan, Ellie, Ava, and Otto, and every powered and non-powered individual on the planet.

Geoff Shaw’s art continues to amaze. The lines cross worlds to capture features, faces, and moments with patient detail. Dee Cunniffe’s colors are balanced and beautiful. John J. Hill’s letters match the emotion of the narrator and every character’s words. So many moments in Crossover #5 are brought to life by the brilliant talents of a team working in synchronicity. Great sports teams thrive on the power of a championship to unite players. The power of this story joins five legendary creators into an unstoppable force.


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