Indie Comics Review: Killadelphia, Vol. 2: Burn Baby Burn

by Kendra Hale
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Review: Killadelphia, Vol. 2

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Publisher: Image Comics

Written by: Rodney Barnes

Art by: Jason Shawn Alexander

Colors by: Luis NCT

Letters by: Marshall Dillon

Review By: Kendra Hale 



Killadelphia is most certainly an example of what TO do in the horror comic genre. The first arc, issues 1-6,  gave us the introduction to the world of Detective James Sangster Jr. One in which he has dealt with not only the loss of his Father, but a legion of vampires led by Founding Father John Adams seeking to create a new world. Not enough to deal with that kind of chaos alone, soon enough James would be unearthing his Father who had been turned by Adams as a means to stop his investigation. 

In this second arc, issues 7-12, the gloves are taken off. The crisis avoided, James has laid his Father to rest and tried to move on with what the new normal is. But John Adams was not the only Adams with an ax to grind.  Abigail is on the warpath and she is ready to do what she feels John was unable to do. Setting free her secret weapon, Jupiter, upon the city, she begins her plan to take over. 

While we learn about the more spotlight vampires, the dead are rising, and even true death is not an excuse to get out of the fray. There is a lot of rage to be hashed out and lines are being crossed. The lines of good and evil are blurring. One thing is for sure, the ending is one for the ages.


The world-building that is done in this arc is still one of my favorites. We get what makes so many of our favorite TV shows, movie series, etc. The setting becomes a character itself and is familiar.  Backstory is given for many of the characters, with Jupiter being one that certainly sticks out in the forefront because of his closeness to the Adams. However, each and every one is quite memorable. 

The art work stands out as crisp and clear. Alluring and vibrating with emotion. The writing gives us more depth, not only to the world, but to the people in it. Both Sr. and Jr. learn a lot about the other and we see that their relationship broadens with mutual respect and understanding. 


Look elsewhere, because you won’t find any here.


Killadelphia combines many different stories and also offers the joy of a mini-story along with the main. With the afterlife splayed out like an open book, nothing is off limits. I look forward to what the third arc brings us as this is literally a series you relish sinking your teeth into. 




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