Indie Comics Review: Karmen #1

by Kendra Hale
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Review: Karmen #1

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer and Artist: Guillem March 

 Letters: Cromatik, LTD.

Color Assistant: Tony Lopez


Review by: Kendra Hale




I have been so excited to read this series since I first saw the images for Karmen. A unique and charming style of art that lends itself to this story of an unconventional angel.  Guillem has given great memories and moments for DC Comics, as well as other companies like Titan.  But let us talk about the feisty, raunchy and charming Karmen

Karmen #1 opens by introducing readers to childhood friends Catalina and Xisco, starting from the first day of school and following the major points of their lives, including showcasing the moment when Xisco’s girlfriend tried to figure out just what Catalina’s part in her and Xisco’s relationship is. Fast forward to the present. 

Coming in with all charm, we meet Karmen, who is indeed a burst of light. She is on mission, all on her own though, as she makes her way up to an apartment bathroom. There we see just who her focus is… Catalina. Karmen, with all her wit and humor, gets her wrapped and out into the world, showing her that normal physics no longer apply. But Catalina doesn’t seem to fully grasp why just yet. 


Karmen hits like an intense combination of Dead Like Me mixed with the perfection that is Aeon Flux. That is the closest comparison I can make, but don’t mistake my comparing the two for this not being unique. Karmen is that and more, as you can tell from first glance at the character.  The way that Guillem has composed her is genius, her wit and charm are equal to her heart and perkiness.  I am genuinely sad that there are only 5 issues slotted because after this first issue, I am hooked and need this to be an ongoing series. 

The artwork is such a genuine, fresh breath of air that heightens everything you are watching unfold. I love how the hard issues are handled and done with real care. The colors are splendid as well, I love a good pink haired girl, but there is such attention to detail with the colors. A passion that shows the care to each thing. As they say, the devil is in the details, right?



That there will only be five of these beauties. *sob*



Every once in a while, more and more often for me it seems, a series comes along that not only makes us think, but feel. Karmen dealing with metaphysics and giving a glimpse behind the veil of what happens in the beyond, with the wit and humor to boot, will be entirely delicious to watch unfold. I cannot wait for what is next. 




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