Naomi McDuffie Unveiled!: First Official Photo of Kaci Walfall as Lead in “Naomi”

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Naomi McDuffie made flesh at last.

Although the series order has not come through yet, that hasn’t stopped promotional work from being done. The CW has officially released the first image of actress Kaci Walfall as Naomi. Its composition is an homage to the first cover of the comic source material. Click below on the provided Twitter link from Executive Producer Ava DuVernay to get a better look.

Co-created by Brian Michael Bendis (Superman) and Jamal Campbell (Detective Comics, Green Arrow) for the Wonder Comics imprint at DC, Naomi McDuffie is a teenage superhero from a parallel Earth with energy-based abilities. On that world, exposure to an unknown radiation created thirty godlike beings, yet all were sterile. Naomi’s mother is the only one of those beings to succesfully give birth. To protect her from the conquering Zumbado, she sent her daughter to the Prime universe. She was then adopted by the McDuffies in Port Oswego with no knowledge of who she really is. Naomi searches for clues to her past as the learns the nature of her powers.

To date, Walfall is the only casting announcement for this project. Kaci’s previous acting credits include PowerPerson of Interest, and Army Wives. DuVernay has an extensive resume that includes movies like Selma and TV series like Queen Sugar, Cherish The Day, and When They See Us. There is also no word as to when the pilot will be filmed. And, of course, there is the pandemic to consider. Superman and Lois went on hiatus after the fifth episode because someone on set had tested positive for COVID-19. However, given that we are now in May, this image is a sign a greenlight for Naomi is in sight. It is unknown at this point if Naomi will sync up with the existing Arrowverse shows, but it is possible. Supergirl and Black Lighting were once separate projects.

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