Review: Superman: Red & Blue #3

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Superman: Red & Blue #3


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Nick Spencer, Michel Fiffe, Jesse J. Holland

Colors:  See Graphic Below

Letters: See Graphic Below

Artists: Michel Fiffe, Laura Braga, Christian Ward

Reviewed by: Carl Bryan



“Is he saving another cat in the tree?” – Diana to Bruce while waiting on Clark for dinner

Superman: Red & Blue #3  –  This new series presents fresh new visions of the Man of Steel in his two signature colors of red and blue! Around the world, everyone knows that when they see a red and blue streak in the sky, it’s not a bird…it’s not a plane…it’s Superman.

Five more incredible tales of the Man of Steel, told in an art style that pays tribute to his primary colors.

In this issue we take visits to both Smallville and the Fortress of Solitude.

We look at an object that was important to Superman on his trip to Earth, and we see the lasting impact that has on those around him.

Plus, punching! Someone has to take down the electro-mechano-organic intelligence they call Kilg%re, but even he’s nothing compared to the massive monster waiting in the farthest reaches of space.


Jesse Holland’s “Deadline” had my heart beating.  As a Type A personality myself, I could only imagine a day in the life of Clark Kent.  A writer long ago explained that Clark wanted to have a career in which he was truly human.  Other than using his typing skills in an incredibly fast manner, he is reduced to using his journalistic skills to hit a deadline…while saving those around him to the amusement of his best friends Bruce and Diana.

You can also sense some resentment in his response to them as they make wagers about whether he can get it all done.  “Unlike some people, I have areal job that I need to pay my real bills!”  If anyone can identify with the every day person, it is Clark!

Holland starts the issue off with a solid story that every person who has a work day can identify with!


Michel Fiffe’s “Kilgore City” is an old school tale about teamwork with a moral lesson.  Fiffe takes the reigns on both writing and art.  Both are a throwback to comics in the 1970s in the story as well as the artistic endeavor.  While it can appear to be a bit “campy” to some, it is easily recognizable as an homage to a simpler time in both art and story for the Big Blue Boy Scout!

Brandon Thomas’s ” A Man Most Saved” tells the story of Charley Miles who must have the record of being saved by Superman (if you don’t count Lois and Jimmy), but also has come to the aid of Superman at least twice.

Nick Spencer’s Something To Hold On To” examines a field trip for students to The Fortress of Solitude.  What could go wrong….right?

“Little Star” By James Stokoe puts Clark into outer space saving the world once again, but also  considering all the options in how to do that exactly.  Sometimes Superman doesn’t have all the answers!


Positives 2.0

This began with Batman: Black & White, followed by Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red.  It now continues with Superman: Red & Blue.  Soon it will go further with Wonder Woman: Black & Gold, so why don’t we get some others, like Green Lantern: Green & White or maybe something like Booster & Beetle: Blue & Gold …so many playgrounds for a host of authors and artists!


You have to know going in that each story is like a playground for both author and artists.  Some stories will be poignant that will cause you pause.  Some will not be your cup of tea as you see the human side of Clark versus the hero side of Superman.  I think that Clark must be a Gemini…two sides always in conflict.  Not a negative at all in this book, but be aware that some of the stories in an anthology such as this are not as powerful as others!



While the Black and White is Batman’s playground, Red and Blue fits our Big Blue Boy Scout just fine.  When you think you have heard every angle to Superman, Red & Blue provides just more evidence that this character, and the many timelines touched by Superman, can go forever.  This second issue hits the ultimate home run, and gives us priceless stories to add to the legend of Superman in all timelines.

Again, I cannot wait for the same treatment of Wonder Woman, and hopefully Green Lantern and every mainstay character DC has to offer …hint, hint.


5outof5 DC Comics News

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