Jessica Cruz, Connor Kent, and More Headline DC’s August Annuals

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Jessica Cruz as a Sinestro Corpsman? Connor Kent on The Suicide Squad? Say it isn’t so!

DC recently unveiled synopses for their upcoming line of annuals this August. From Jessica wielding a yellow lantern power ring to why the 90s Superboy is on Task Force X, these annuals apparently have answers fans are demanding. Also offered are the annuals to MidnighterHarley QuinnBatman/Superman, the latter an epilogue to the upcoming “Archives of Worlds” arc. It’s also designed as a flip book with two assigned artists – Paul Pelletier for the Superman story and Francisco Francavilla for the Batman tale, both written by series regular Gene Luen Yang – and a cover provided by Justice League artist Bryan Hitch. As for Midnighter, it concludes the story begun in Future State: Superman: Worlds At War and played out in Action Comics.

Jessica Cruz , Conner Kent, and A Bats/Supes Flip Book? Details!

Green Lantern Annual 2021 (Writer: Ryan Cady Art: Sami Basri):

Once an agoraphobic scared to even leave her room, Jessica Cruz overcame her fear to become a Green Lantern and face the darkest and deadliest threats in the universe,” reads the publisher’s description. But now, Jessica’s gone from overcoming fear to using it as a weapon. When Yellow Lanterns attacked the Green Lantern Sector House she took refuge in when the Central Power battery was destroyed, Jessica turned the tables on them, giving them something to be afraid of, as she beat them one-by-one. But now that she’s been offered a place in the Sinestro Corps, will she accept?

Suicide Squad Annual 2021 (Writer: Robbie Thompson Art: Dexter Soy):

Everyone questioned how the teen calling himself Conner Kent came to be recruited into the Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller. But as Superboy sneaks into the bowels of a top-secret Task Force X black site, what he finds changes all he thinks he knows about himself and his history. This oversize annual alters everything for the only hero on the Squad and makes him question what to do next, now that he knows the truth behind his origin.

Batman/Superman Annual 2021 (Writer: Gene Luen Yang Art: Paul Pelletier and Francisco Francavilla):

In his pursuit of perfection, the godlike sought to create and destroy worlds with the wave of a hand and a flair for the dramatic. But against all odds… the World of the Knight and the World of Tomorrow live on!

The Batman of the noir-tinged streets of Gotham City finds himself stranded in the sunny, retro-futurist World of Tomorrow—and Superman discovers himself in the opposite predicament. With their homeworlds in decay and only one chance to save them, the key to preserving their very existence is but the flip of a coin. Or the flip of this book!

Harley Quinn Annual 2021 (Writer: Stephanie Phillips Art: David LaFuente):

Kevin here! You know, Harley’s sidekick, and your favorite new character?” reads the official description. “I know Harley usually does these solicits, but she’s a little tied up at the moment. Like, literally.

See, there’s a new villain in Gotham calling himself Keepsake, and you know how Gotham villains are: definite psychological issues. So Keepsake kidnapped Harley, while trying to convince her to be his partner and help take over the city. Now, I don’t mean to imply that Harley’s not capable all on her own, but this time she needs a little help. Which means I’m teaming up with Solomon Grundy so we can visit Gotham’s worst criminals and figure out where Harley might be. Plus, a major new Bat-villain!

Midnighter Annual 2021 (Writers: Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad Art: Michael Avon Oeming):

Midnighter traveled into the future to help get himself out of a jam, only to swap places with his future self,” reads DC’s description. “Now, the Midnighter from the future finds himself trapped in a paradox, working his way back to his onetime present to swap places again. Don’t worry if you’re confused—so is he!

Each of these 48-page annuals are set to hit the shelves August 28th.

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