Review: Wonder Woman #773

by Matthew Lloyd
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Review: Wonder Woman #773
Wonder Woman 773 DC Comics News[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Michael W. Conrad & Becky Cloonan and Jordie Bellaire
Art: Travis Moore and Paulina Ganucheau
Colors: Tamra Bonvillain and Kendall Goode
Letters: Pat Brousseau and Becca Carey


Reviewed by: Matthew B. Lloyd



     Wonder Woman gains entry to the Fortress of the Valkyries and has to barter between the overworked Valkyries and Thor’s warriors as both sides seemed to have lost sight of the bigger picture.


Michael W. Conrad and Beck Cloonan give us a story in Wonder Woman #773 that is fun.  Nearly fun beyond belief.  This arc so far has maintained a bit of humor here and there as we are treated to a look at Asgard and its inhabitants that may be a bit more like the traditional mythology than the version purveyed by DC’s Marvelous competition.  One can’t help if they aren’t just poking a little fun at it as well.

Wonder Woman 773 DC Comics News

The Valkyries themselves present an interesting argument for their dereliction of duties- they are tired.  It almost seems like Wonder Woman was facing the same thing when she arrived in Asgard back in Wonder Woman #770.  Is weariness a valid reason?  It seems like something definitely worth exploring.  When Thor arrives on the scene, Diana takes him down a few notches and it is truly hilarious and satisfying.  What she does to Thor’s hammer is the icing on the cake.  One can’t help wonder if the humor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe film,  Thor: Ragnarok is somehow being referenced here as Diana is herself trying to help stave off the Twilight of the Gods as well.

Wonder Woman 773 DC Comics News

It turns out a familiar Wonder Woman foe has been at work in Asgard and dispensing with him brings the Asgardians to their senses.  Still, there is a deal to be brokered for the Valkyries to resume their traditional duties.  It takes Ratatosk to help Wonder Woman make the Valkyries and Thor see the big picture, how their roles maintain the integrity of Yggdrasil thus holding off Ragnarok.  Thor and Diana inaugurating the first “Thirsty Thorsday” is absolutely priceless, and worth the cost of the book by itself.

Wonder Woman 773 DC Comics News

Positives Cont’d

The art by Moore and Bonvillain is beautiful as usual.  The figures are a joy to behold as they feel as epic as they should.  Thor’s depiction contains a little caricature and it is wonderful.  Bonvillain’s colors are vivid and evocative.  It truly looks otherworldly at times.  And, the arrival on Olympus is equally severe as it reflects the events that have transpired.

Don’t forget the back up story as Diana learns more about the power of words, story and how they can define the truth.  This arc of Young Diana is an enjoyable look at Diana as she is growing and developing and this issue drives home a powerful message about truth and what one should or should not believe.

Wonder Woman 773 DC Comics News


There’s simply one negative to this issue and it’s that Wonder Woman never struck me as a one-night stand kind of character.  In previous issues Diana has come across like she was right out of the world of Conan, and I can’t help but feel like this is a Red Sonja move.  Unfortunately, it’s jarring as the rest of the issue has been so glorious with a lighter approach, but Wonder Woman having a one-nighter with Sigfried strikes me as being out of place with the rest of the issue.

One could argue that she’s fallen for Sigfried and that was part of the arc, but it’s really not presented strongly enough that this is that kind of relationship.  It comes off as an element thrown in just to include it like checking off a box for what’s needed in a blockbuster action film.  It doesn’t really add anything to this issue.  If anything it calls into question how Wonder Woman values sex.  Is casual sex really in Diana’s make up?  If you take that panel out it negates nothing of importance from the issue.

Wonder Woman 773 DC Comics News


Wonder Woman #773 is darn near perfect!  It’s fun and entertaining and even thought provoking.  And, it looks like Wonder Woman’s got her head on straight just in time to figure out what’s going on in Olympus.  There’s a lot more story to come, it’s a great time to be reading Wonder Woman!

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