Featured Review: Static: Season One #1

by Seth Singleton
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Review: Static: Season One #1

Review: Static: Season One #1 DC Comics News Reviews

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Vita Ayala

Artist: ChrisCross

Colors: Nikolas Draper-Ivey

Letters: Andworld Design


Reviewed by: Seth Singleton


Static: Season One #1 introduces Virgil Hawkins one week after the events of the Big Bang in Milestone Returns #0 Infinite Edition. Exposure to an untested gas turned members of the march, who managed to survive, into superpowered beings. Now, Virgil must decide how he will use his powers and what kind of man he will become.

Review: Static Season One Dakota City


The Big Bang is the first modernization of the original Milestone Comics premise. In the 90s the Big Bang was the event that changed Dakota City. It occurred when the rival gangs in Dakota converged for a winner-take-all street fight. A mysterious cloud bequeathed powers to criminals, police, and bystanders. Life was changed forever.

By comparison, the Big Bang takes place during a peaceful march for justice. Young Virgil is there to impress a girl, and maybe more when a fight breaks out when Virgil is accosted by a high school bully. Police officers in attendance fire what they think is tear gas. Instead, it is a transformative chemical that kills or forever alters those it touches.

Virgil Changed

Following this origin event, Virgil discovers that he can harness the powers of electricity. The concept terrifies his family. Likewise, the scenes of life before the Big Bang and school and more significantly at home illustrate the stark contrast that Virgil’s newfound powers are creating.

ChrisCross and Nikolas Draper-Ivey bring the masterful art of the issue to a crescendo here. The layers of tension are thoughtful, realistic, and not easy to undo. In fact, they suggest the changes that will always exist and are not easy to accept.

Review: Static: Season One #1

Positives — Family

Virgil’s father is patient and methodical. His first priority is for Virgil to understand and control his powers. Mom is concerned with his mental and emotional health, and big sister wants to keep Virgil in check while supporting his right to choose his own destiny. It’s an imperfect family built on love.

However, Virgil’s friends are the only people his age who know that he is also Static. They are concerned that something is happening to the person they used to know. Virgil assures them that everything is fine.

But, when trouble literally shows up at Virgil’s door it’s not the fear of danger he feels. Instead, the tension of holding in his powers is finally released. Static begins cutting loose, and only the danger posed to his family can reign him in.

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Thankfully, this great issue has no negatives.

Review: Static: Season One #1 DC Comics News Reviews


There has been a void in the comics industry and at DC Comics since Milestone first folded up shop. Fans of the original series have waited patiently for legendary characters like Static to return. In this case, the unwavering faith of the fervent is rewarded with this passionate retelling of a classic story from writer Vita Ayala.

ChrisCross and Nikolas Draper-Ivey combine careful pencils, inks, and colors to capture the spirit of the original Static. When coupled with Ayala’s storytelling the legacy of Virgil Hawkins is borne aloft on the shoulders of titans. If every series from the relaunched Milestone line is treated with the same degree of respect and care then fans can expect to enjoy books like Static for many generations to come.


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