Indie Comics Review: Stray Dogs #5

by Kendra Hale
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Review: Stray Dogs #5

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Tony Fleecs

Artist: Trish Forstner

Colorist: Brad Simpson 

Layouts: Tone Rodriguez with Chris Burnham 

Review by: Kendra Hale 



It has taken me a bit longer to do this review than others as I’ve been gathering up exactly what I wanted to express. Stray Dogs, as a whole, has been an emotional roller coaster ride of a series. That and more. This is the final issue for this set of books, and to prepare for that was like preparing for something you knew was going to be bad and have to steel yourself for.

Tony and Trish have worked their characters into our hearts from the beginning in such a short period of time. Along with Brad Simpson and Tone Rodriguez, this team has given us the absolute epitome of storytelling, engaging with the readers on emotional levels.  That being said, let us get into this send off with Stray Dogs #5. 

You Can Check-out Any Time You Like

“You know the rules.” Earl has made his move against the master and he is not alone as the other dogs are hidden. Imogene joins the fight as the dogs quite literally are fighting for their very lives to escape their “Master”. Earl leads the charge to save the other dogs, in this heart pounding sequence of action, from the grasp of the man who killed their owners. No longer ignorant tokens for remembering his kills, the dogs have decided to make their stand.

In a battle unlike any other, the band of canines struggle and take turns trying to escape from the madness that has been their worst nightmares come to life before their eyes. Who will be left standing, whether on two or four legs, remains for the reader to experience. 


This team. I still don’t know if I have the adequate words to describe what Stray Dogs has done.  Issue #5 was both a curse and a blessing as the finale unfolded. Every issue filled me with dread and kept me on edge in a way no other series has ever done. This is a testament to Tony’s writing style, which was suspenseful, fluid, and genius with pacing. 

But let me take a moment to say something about the lovely Trish and her color partner Brad. Trish created this cast of canines that each held their own personalities with a style that took me so hard back to the art styles of my childhood. She gave readers no choice but to fall in love with these characters, each and everyone of them, and Brad gave their color choices such care. Readers have no choice but to fall head over heels invested in this series.

Positives cont.

Everything is a positive. In every panel, sentence, facial expression…this was horror in all the best and worst ways. The edge of your seat, cliffhanging, action filled, despair, desperation all the way to the end. It was perfection served through the POV of man’s best friend in a unique way that easily makes this THE SERIES to read. 

Stray Dogs #5 gives us an ending that I was not expecting to enjoy with only five issues. But in that five issues is a vast spectrum that makes you think and feel in ways you probably wouldn’t be willing to, but will never regret. It is brilliance. 



Pffft. Nothing. It ended? No. Nothing. 



Stray Dogs is honestly a series that came out of nowhere, and I would’ve been so sad to have missed out on it’s brilliance. It is a series that grabs your attention and holds it. Brava on such a wonderful end.




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