Indie Comics Review: The Silver Coin #3

by Kendra Hale
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Review: The Silver Coin #3

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Publisher: Image Comics

Written By: Ed Brisson 

Art and Letters By: Michael Walsh

Colors By: Michael Walsh and Toni Marie Griffin

Created By: Chip Zdarsky, Michael Walsh, Ed Brisson, Jeff Lemire, and Kelly Thompson

Review by: Kendra Hale



In this issue, we get the tale of “Death Rattle” and go back to 1986 for our chills. This is the tale of three people who are doing wicked deeds…and the consequences that those deeds have in store for them. Let’s dive under the covers, flashlights in tow, and settle in for The Silver Coin #3. 

Your Deeds Are Your Monuments 

Vic, Bobby, and Lisa are attempting a burglary. One that only included gain, and maybe a scare of the old man who lives in the home.  Their plans go horribly wrong and they end up with a dead body and a change of plans to fully cover their tracks. But not before stumbling upon a familiar looking object as they loot the house. 

Setting the house ablaze to cover up their tracks, Vic, Bobby, and Lisa seem to think they are in the clear. But Lisa is hearing a voice calling to her, and a certain coin is waking up. As the cops are hot on their tails, the trio are lead to a familiar looking idyllic summer camp with a history to rival the best horror movies and TV series. And Lisa and the gang just may get what is coming to them…


As always, the artwork in The Silver Coin #3 is superbly done. Michael Walsh has this distinct ability to be the same artist, but his style assimilates to that of what is needed for the story. Toni Marie Griffin joins on this issue for color work and the tones establish the perfect setting for tension and suspense. 

One of my favorite things to see, regardless of medium, are connecting dots. I went back through not only issue #2 but also the first issue to see if the camp where Fiona had been was ever named. We get a sign in this issue for Camp Serenity, and the old man from the beginning of our tale was a firefighter which could hearken back to the first issue with the fire at the bar. Are these on purpose? Guess we will see. 


Absolutely nil. 


The Silver Coin #3 is another addition in a series that feels like a guilty pleasure without the guilt.  It hits notes for fans across the span of horror and genuinely anyone could find something to dig into. A+ across the board. 

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