Indie Comics Review: Grimm Fairy Tales #49

by Kendra Hale
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Indie Comics Review: Grimm Fairy Tales #49

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Publisher: Zenescope Comics

Story By: Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Dave Franchini

Written By: Dave Franchini

Art By: Julius Abrera and Moy R.

Colors By: Jorge Cortes

Letters By: Tyler Esposito (Of Ghost Glyph Studios)

Review By: Kendra Hale 


The time has finally come in Grimm Fairy Tales #49 for Skye and the girls to enter the book. Skye offers to get them whatever they want for their last mea…breakfast and leaves while Sam and Jasmine discuss a TV series and food choices. And that is where the fun starts, so let us join in!

The Evil Within

But Skye comes back too soon and Sam and Jasmine quickly realize that this is not their Skye. When Skye arrives back, delicious treats in hand, she watches as this sinister version of herself banishes Jasmine and Sam into the book to suffer the terrors alone!  Skye jumps into action but this other here seems to be a manifestation of herself and the book itself…it knows her and packs a helluva a punch.

But this wicked version of her is not the only shocking thing the Dark Book has in store for Skye AND her friends.


The Dark Book is finally making a move or two and letting its intentions be known. The transition in art between Julius Abrera and Moy R. is distinct and a bit jarring but in a good way. It goes from your typical and recognizable comic art style that you could see in a lot of Zenescope work, to an almost manga style art. 

Dave Franchini is leading the readers to the good stuff with a wonderfully sinister villain and a Dark Book that will stop at nothing less than Skye’s destruction. And the ones reading are the winners on that journey. 


The rough transition could be seen as a negative but since we don’t see Skye go into the book, I see it more of a symbol of realities changing and having no doubt about it. 


Grimm Fairy Tales #49 is what everyone has been waiting for. All those free agents are now back in the book where they belong but now Skye must face the biggest evil of them all and stand triumphant letting nothing stop her.  If she is up to the task before her remains to be seen in the coming issues!

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