Review: Catwoman #34

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Catwoman #34

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Ram V.

Artist: Fernando Blanco

Letters: Tom Napolitano

Colors: Jordie Bellaire

Reviewed by: Carl Bryan




“You’re asking me for favors now?  Weren’t we on a break?  Keeping out of each other’s business?” – Selina to Bruce

Catwoman #34-  The Magistrate comes to Gotham, and Alleytown stands as the last place in the city untouched by their totalitarian forces.
But being the last bastion of freedom in a police state makes Selina’s kingdom most inviting for Gotham’s rogues!
Surrounded on all sides by law enforcement gone bad, and facing a potential invasion by the city’s villains, Catwoman finds herself fearing that her quest to keep Alleytown safe could instead lead to its demise.
But all is not lost, as Batman arrives in Alleytown, breaking his and Selina’s vow to give one another a one-year break.


Fernando Blanco’s renderings of the city with Bruce and Selina embracing over it are poignant and perfect.  This, arguably, has been the only beacon in Bruce’s life for some time as the events of Death Metal, Future State, City of Bane,  and Joker War would have crushed anyone.  Given the timeline and some of the other comics that explore the Cat and Bat relationship, it is great to see both of them in an embrace.  

Ram V has done more to develop Selina than most.  His writing truly cares for this character as he explores all levels of Selina.  How he captures the thief, the fighter, and her soft spots for Bruce and her “family” is admirable to read.  Great stuff!  


Positives 2.0

The Cat and the Bat finally reunite….good timing as she is battle worn.  The surprise is that Bruce is not immediately going after Father Valley.  Let’s hope that Selina will take care of him on her own as Selina doesn’t need a white knight to come in…nor a dark one either.


Wow.  I forgot that a cat has nine lives.  Selina had some really huge battle wounds and arguably that should have placed her out of commission.  However, Bruce’s affections and a timely rescue seems to be what the doctor ordered as she recovered nicely.  Not the continuity I expected as I thought she would be down for the count a bit after this latest battle with Father Valley.


Ram V gives us the reunion we have been wanting for some time.  Bruce has a jealous side.  God forbid anyone interfere with that.   What’s next?  Revenge?  The Magistrate?  I feel that Future State has predicted a few things, but we need DC to authorize a veer from what we think is going to happen based on those issues.  Can the Bat and the Cat finally make the relationship permanent?  Only Ram V knows…stay tuned because he drips the stories out enough to keep us wanting more Selina!


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