Review: The Joker #7

by Carl Bryan
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Review: The Joker #7

[ Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Sam Johns,  James Tynion IV

Artist:  Sweeney Boo, Guillem March

Letters: Tom Napolitano, Ariana Maher

Colors: Arif Prianto, Romulo Fajardo Jr.  

Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


“The name is Pennyworth.  Julia Pennyworth” Julia Pennyworth…Alfred’s daughter

Très bien-the Joker visits Paris! Gordon must get to Joker ahead of the Sampsons, but has the Clown Prince set an ambush for his pursuers?

Plus, Barbara fights for her life after her introduction to the new Talon! We continue with Punchline’s prison adventure in the search for Kelly Ness-Punchline’s former friend who is also in Blackgate Penitentiary.

All this and Julia Pennyworth???  Who knew?


So let’s just say that this story begins with a revelation that is both HUGE and well…HUGE.  Alfred Pennyworth’s daughter at Santa Prisca out for some revenge due to Bane killing her father.  Talk about James Tynion IV playing the LONG ball in his writing.

Let’s talk about Talon and Stephanie, Barbara and Cass doing battle in the WatchTower.   Is that a Talon agent or not?

Finally, Lady Bane interrupting Jim Gordon and the local police chief sipping wine and having a nice dinner.  All this and where is Joker?

This book just got exponentially better without the main man (Not Lobo silly) Joker even in his own title.

Positives 2.0

Punchline’s story has almost turned into “Purple is the new Black” as the story line seems to be centered in on Punchline’s manipulation of all things in the prison and arguably those associated around her outside of prison.  How did this villain become so important in such a short amount of time?

Chapter Seven continues…

Oh…lest we not forget, another chapter of Punchline which has developed quite the cult like following both for readers and within the book.  In such a short time with the Clown Prince, she surely has delved deep into his type of manipulative ways! She is scary in how she can manipulate everything from behind bars.  Her prison fight alone…who has video to place on the internet from a prison fight?  Again, in such a short time she has become connected to all things that can manipulate anyone!  Love where this character is going!

Negatives (Not Really)

Riddle me this Caped Crusader. What book can be entitled “The Joker” and he never shows up, but the total focus is on what he has set into motion?  


Remember when we first met Bane?  Remember when we first met Doomsday?  Remember when we first met Alfred’s Daughter?  You do now!  Buy this book!!!

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