HBO Max Spotlighting DC Movie History in Three-Part Documentary Series!

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HBO Max is giving DC’s movie history the five-star treatment with a three-part documentary event.

Co-directed and produced by Academy Award winner Leslie Iwerks, the as-yet-untitled project will focus on DC Entertainment’s pop culture impact. DC Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee elaborates, “DC has a rich legacy of over 80 years of iconic ]storytelling. We] are so excited to dive into this history and bring fans along this amazing journey.”

HBO Max DC Docuseries – Who’s Involved and What To Expect?

Lee does not exaggerate when he remarks on this journey being amazing. From the Golden Age of Comics ushered in with Superman, to the Adam West and Christopher Reeve eras on the small and large screen, to record-setting shows like the ten seasons of Smallville, the DCAU beginning with Batman: The Animated Series, Stephen Amell’s take on Green Arrow spawning a shared TV universe, Zac Snyder’s Man of Steel bringing a new Superman to theaters in the form of Henry Cavill, hard-hitting mature shows such as Lucifer and Titans… Iwerks has a plethora of milestones to cover. The only other documentary to cover DC’s history was 2012’s The Secret Origin of DC Comics. With more elbow room to work with, Leslie can easily surpass both previous efforts and expectations.

Iwerk’s resume includes 2007’s The Pixar Story, of which she was director, producer, editor, and writer. On the upcoming project, Iwerk concedes, “The DC Universe is vast, rich and incredibly cool, and we’re looking forward to bringing the untold stories of the characters, artists, and storytellers to life in a fresh new way.”

Iwerk’s co-director Mark Catalena adds, “The geeks have inherited the earth. By revealing the personal inspirations from those who have crafted this expansive universe, we hope viewers will understand why this modern mythology matters so much [to people.”] Catalena also worked with Leslie on The Imagineering Story.

Although there is no working title available or release date, HBO Max did release this logline to describe the project:

Produced by Warner Bros. Unscripted Television in association with Warner Horizon, DC, Berlanti Productions and Iwerks and Co., the documentary seires takes an unprecedented look at the enduring and influential legacy of DC, allowing fans to rediscover the universe of characters, as well as the iconic comic book company’s origins, its evolution and its nearly inine-decade cultural impact across every artistic medium. 

More information will be released as it becomes available.

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