“Teen Wolf” Alum Joins “Superman & Lois” Season 2!

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Teen Wolf continues to play a role in current Superman Tyler Hoechlin‘s future via a fellow alum.

Actor Ian Bohen, who played on the MTV teen drama alongside Hoechlin as Derek Hale’s evil uncle Peter, will join the cast of Superman & Lois for the second season. His most recent credit was as Ryan on the Kevin Costner drama Yellowstone. Costner, himself, shares a Superman connection after playing Jonathan Kent in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel and Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Ian’s other credits include Sicario: Day of The SoldadoLittle Women, and even an uncredited role in The Dark Knight Rises.

“Teen Wolf” Alum Now Smallville Resident – Who is Ian Playing?

Bohen’s character will be Lt. Mitch Anderson, whose views, according to a description, “divides into two types – those who serve and those who serve you. He doesn’t like that Superman exists outside that paradigm and tries to bring the Man of Steel under his authority officially.”

While there is a Mitch Anderson in the comics going by the alias Outburst, it remains unclear whether this is the same character. The series had taken creative liberty with John Henry Irons to great effect. Rather than a staunch Superman supporter, he and daughter Natasha are refugees from another dimension whose Superman went rogue and killed John’s wife, Lois Lane. The producers even established Jordan Kent, not Jonathan, as the inheritor of their father’s abilities. In the comics, Jonathan is an only child and the current Superboy.  And, of course, reworking Morgan Edge into Clark’s half-brother from Krypton. These creative decisions have made the Superman mythos feel fresh and complimented its grounded approach to storytelling.

While there is no official premiere date, Superman & Lois are expected to fly back to The CW some time in early 2022.

Official Source: Superman & Lois Season 2 Adds Teen Wolf Alum Ian Bohen | CBR

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