DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Captain Cold Returns for 100th Episode!!!

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow welcomes back a familiar, frosty face for its 100th episode.

Actor Wentworth Miller is slated to return to reprise his role of Leonard Snart/Captain Cold. Directed by fellow lead Caity Lotz (Sara Lance/White Canary), it will mark the first time Miller has been appeared in the Arrowverse in two years.

DC’s Legends Brings Back Snart – Why? And Who is Leonard Snart?

Scheduled to air October 27th, the episode is unique in the sense it is a look back across the team’s history through the eyes of Waverider’s AI Gideon in human form, played by Amy Louise Pemberton for the seventh season. Executive Producer Phil Klemmer explains “The whole episode is predicated on memory and Gideon’s [memory. It] occurred to us, in being forced to do a retrospective of 100 episodes, that Gideon, really, is the only person who saw everything. Obviously, Sara Lance has been there from the very beginning, but she’s just a person. There were things that she missed. And so, we were really excited about going back through the seasons and sort of tracking the evolution of the show and doing that through Gideon’s [eyes. We] also wanted to give a chance for the newest generation of Legends, the Astras and Spooners of the team, to meet up with some of the original gang.”

Miller debuted as Snart in the first season of The Flash, as did Dominic Purcell as fellow Legend Mick Rory aka Heatwave. Miller and Purcell previously starred together as the Scofield brothers in the Fox action drama Prison Break. Armed with a stolen STAR Labs prototype cryogenic cannon, Snart appeared four times on The Flash. Cunning and methodical, Snart proved a worthy adversary for rookie hero Barry Allen. The first season alone had some of Snart’s greatest hits: From giving Rory his iconic Heat gun and creating his persona of Heatwave, luring The Flash out into the open for the first time, leveraging Cisco Ramon into rebuilding his destroyed Cold Gun and revealing The Flash’s secret identity, to ruining an attempted prisoner transport to gain the escapees’ favor. The second season revealed details of his childhood; his father was a former cop who turned to crime and abusively led Leonard and his sister into that life. Gradually the methodical Rogue revealed a redeemable quality. After being recruited along with Rory on the Waverider by Rip Hunter, Snart sacrificed himself to allow The Legends to escape in the season one finale. Miller would later appear on Legends as a ghost in Rory’s mind, an earlier version borrowed from his timeline for The Flash, and again as a heroic doppelganger from Nazi-dominated Earth-X named Leo Snart aka Citizen Cold for the Crisis On Earth-X crossover event. Season Four of The Flash was the last time Miller portrayed Snart in the Arrowverse.

Catch DC’s Legends of Tomorrow when its seventh season debuts Wednesday October 13 on The CW.

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