Review: Nubia & The Amazons #1

by Seth Singleton
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Review: Nubia & The Amazons #1

Review: Nubia and the Amazons 1

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Vita AyalaStephanie Williams

Artist: Alitha Martinez

Inks: Mark Morales

Colors: Emilio Lopez

Letters: Becca Carey

Reviewed by: Seth Singleton


Nubia & The Amazons #1 links the past to the present with the Well of Souls and the arrival of new women on Themyscira.

Well of Souls

Positives — Well of Souls

Nubia came from the Well of Souls hundreds of years ago. She arrived on the same day that Diana was born. Now, Nubia is the Queen of the Amazons. Her personal understanding of the transition to the land of the living triggers an emotional reaction. Souls brought through the Well were killed in their former lives. Their suffering is what brings them to Themyscira now.

Nubia senses a connection with one of the arrivals. She solves a legendary labyrinth puzzle in record time and her comfort with weapons reminds the Amazons of Nubia’s arrival. Something about the stranger’s arrival suggests to Nubia that changes are coming.

Review: Nubia & The Amazons #1

The Well of Souls is a perfect example of Amazon history playing a role in the present. It also introduces Magala the Keeper of the Well who understands it better than anyone. She is the guide for new arrivals and she has chosen to live apart from the rest of the Amazons.

Magala believes that there is a connection between what the Queen of the Amazons wants or needs. It’s unclear if it is an unconscious desire that the Well responds to or if it is the result of a closer symbiosis. It may even have something to do with the needs of the island. But it opens the first issue with a mystery that is only the first of many. Unraveling them with writers Stephanie Williams and Vita Ayala and the rest of the Amazons is a great way to launch a new title.

Review: Nubia & The Amazons #1

Positives — New Arrivals

The new arrivals on Themyscira is the perfect device to educate the readers about the island’s history. The new arrivals are introduced to Amazon culture, then they are tested, and trained. They are given the choice to embrace their new home even as they struggle to remember the life they lived. Part of choosing a new life as an Amazon includes choosing a new name and taking on responsibilities as a sister.

New arrivals are a big deal on Themyscira. After Nubia’s arrival, the Well of Souls sealed itself. Its sudden reopening is unprecedented. This compounds the questions that Magala is considering and deepens the mystery of Nubia’s arrival and the newest arrivals.


Nothing at all. What a great start to this series.

Review: Nubia & The Amazons #1


Like the Well of Souls, Nubia brings the past of the Amazons into the present. The need for more than one Wonder Woman is part of the growing challenge of the new omniverse. Nubia’s return unlocks the potential stories she has lived and the new stories she will experience as the Queen of the Amazons.

Ayala and Williams craft a story that is brought to life by Alitha Martinez’ pencils, sharpened by the inks of Mark Morales, and brightened by the colors of Emilio Lopez. Becca Carey’s letters bring to life every voice and thought with verve and timbre. The time is ripe for new legends and Nubia and The Amazons have many new stories to tell.


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