Justice League Dark to end this December

by Lee White
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Justice League Dark occupying the backup story spot in issues of Justice League is about to come to an end. The current run will wrap up in issue #71 scheduled for release in December.  Justice League Dark had initially been planned as a stand-alone title coming out of the Future State event, and the story is currently written by Ram V.  who took over the title and began joint-writing the team back in Feb 2020 alongside James Tynion IV.  He would then go on to become the sole writer until the run came to an end with Justice League Dark #28, back in November 2020.

V then once again picked up the reigns with “Future State”, and the current Justice League Dark line-up back in Justice League #59.  The end of this run coincides with the finale of the writer’s other current DC projects; The Swamp Thing and Catwoman.

In an interview with Newsarama V spoke about his decision to leave the title :

I withdrew from the series because life happened and I had to cut back a little on workload,” V tells Newsarama. “On one hand I’m sad that I won’t be writing these characters anymore, but am hopefully leaving them in a place where they might be picked up by another writer in the future. It’s comics… I will fondly keep hope.

The beloved team isn’t expected to be absent for long though as they’re rumored to show up early next year in The Flash title teaming up with the fastest man alive. V has one remaining project with DC in the works which will see him writing issue 11 of the Batman: Urban Legends with other as yet unannounced DC projects scheduled for the future. Although, he also let it be known via Twitter that The Swamp Thing has been “renewed” for a “second season,” it’s not clear when that will see publication.

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