Review: THE FLASH #775

The Flash #775 - DC Comics News

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Jeremy Adams

Artists: Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan

Colours: Jeromy Cox

Letters: Steve Wands

Reviewed By: Derek McNeil


The Flash #775: Hunt for the glaive! When a mysterious glaive crash-lands in the middle of Central City, the Flash must race against time to stop its ill effects, all while keeping an army of super-villains from obtaining this unknown and sinister cosmic prize.


In issue #772, we saw an interlude about a mysterious glaive headed through the multiverse, and the last issue ended with it landing in Central City. So, it’s no surprise that The Flash #775 opens with the Flash, as well as Mister Terrific and Superman, investing the object. But what is rather surprising is Superman’s frustration at not being able to lift it. He uncharacteristically snaps at Wally. Even the affable Mister Terrific is short with Wally.

Wally quickly finds this is a pattern and deduces that the glaive is having a negative effect on Central City’s citizens. What is worst, is it attracts a number of the DCU’s villains, each one looking to claim the glaive’s evil power for themself. While readers have been wondering what villains Wally would be facing, Jeremy Adams has pulled a bit of a surprise by bringing in a whole bunch of them at once.

What is interesting is that Pied Piper is shown among the villains attracted by the glaive’s pull. Did the glaive’s negative effect on the populace cause Hartley Rathaway to temporarily revert to his villainous ways? I hope that Adams isn’t planning on undoing his reformation. However, I would love to see him play a larger role in the series, whether as Wally’s friend or as his foe.

I like that Wally applies his knowledge and experience, making use of his co-workers’ tech to block the effect of the glaive, even if it only worked temporarily. It further justifies Michael Holt’s faith that Wally is qualified for the job he gave him.

The Flash #775 - DC Comics News

Positives Cont.

However, Michael drops a few tidbits of information that he probably wouldn’t have if he was in his right mind. He tells Wally that he’s “too powerful a being to exist. Maybe more powerful than Superman”. He continues, “You defy physics. The power inside of you is incalculable. Infinite”. He then states that he’s calculated a 65% chance that Wally will destroy the world at some point. Is this the reason that Michael has taken an interest in Wally? Is he looking to minimize that chance? Or looking for ways to stop Wally if it becomes necessary?

The glaive is ultimately claimed by Starbreaker. Starbreaker is an extremely powerful villain, but he’s very much with Bronze Age sensibilities as if he stepped right out of a 1970s comic. It’s difficult to see him as much of a threat for Wally, but the glaive makes things much worse. Because the glaive contains the essence of Eclipso, which possesses Starbreaker, making him much more powerful – and much more evil. This does not bode well for the future.

However, Starbreaker departs, leaving the glaive inert. Which Wally decides to take as a win. But he is immediately pulled into another adventure – literally. Doctor Fate pulls Wally through a portal, declaring “Flash, the fate of the universe rests in your hands!”. The idea of a Flash/Doctor Fate team-up is exciting on its own, but the next issue blurb promises “the craziest, most meta, and wild issue of The Flash ever published”. Now I’m really intrigued.

Fernando Pasarin and Matt Ryan have done a great job illustrating this issue. Drawing Wally taking on a multitude of villains at once must have been a challenge, but they pulled it off amazingly.


I have nothing to complain about. Jeremy Adams has been doing a great job since taking over the title and The Flash #775 is no exception.

The Flash #775 - DC Comics News



The Flash #775 is another stellar issue from Jeremy Adams, Fernando Pasarin, and Matt Ryan. Adams has been doing an absolutely fantastic job on this title. The Flash has been my favorite comic since the start of the Rebirth era. And thanks to Adams, it remains so in the Infinite Frontier era.


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