Review: The Swamp Thing #10

by Matthew Lloyd
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Review: The Swamp Thing #10
[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Ram V
Art: Mike Perkins
Colors: Mike Spicer
Letters: Adityah Bidikar

Reviewed by: Matthew Lloyd


Levi must survive a final assault, but what is Jason Woodrue got to do with it?  It’s not over yet!


It’s not often a limited series gets an extension.  In fact it’s quite rare.  However, with no disrespect to the issue, that is the single best aspect of The Swamp Thing #10- this isn’t the last issue of the series.  Originally announced as a ten issue series, the cover is proudly emblazoned with “By popular demand extended to 16 issues!”  Writer Ram V Tweeted about it about a month ago and also spoke about it recently in an interview with DC Comics News’ Steve J. Ray.  While the variant cover doesn’t contain the same announcement, it’s by the legendary Brian Bolland.  This in itself is a wonderful nostalgic moment from the 80’s and 90’s when Bolland’s work graced many DC covers including Animal Man.  This variant is a reminder of Bolland’s skills and creativity.  Swampy’s powers creating the logo is magnificent!

In extending the series to 16 issues it allows the creative team to give more time to explore the Pale Wanderer which has been obtrusively absent since the first couple of issues.  It looks like this extension will finally address the Pale Wanderer more fully.  We are teased that he too is some sort of avatar.  V continues to do a fantastic job building on the mythos, adding to them appropriately while not destroying anything that has come before.  This is seen also in Levi’s escape at the end of the issue as Swampy has to get some help from a previous avatar for a refresher on his powers.  The theme of “what is it to be human” also comes through in this scene as well as the classic idea that despite his looks, Swamp Thing is not the monster.

Perkins and Spicer deliver as usually with another beautiful issue communicating not only the action but the emotion.  It comes through in both Jennifer’s indignation and Woodrue’s sinister appearance.  There’s no doubt we will all enjoy another 6 issues of extraordinary art from these two.


While I would like this as an ongoing, I’ll give the team some time to rest before demanding issue #17.


The Swamp Thing #10, thankfully doesn’t wrap up the series.  Readers will be treated to another 6 issues!  However, when we last saw Levi at the end of issue #9 he was in a bit of a mess.  You’ll have to read it to see how he gets out, but when you do, you will enjoy it!  This is simply one of DC’s best title’s right now if not THE best.  

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