Indie Comics Review: Grimm Spotlight: Cinderella Vs. Zombies

by Kendra Hale
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Review: Grimm Spotlight: Cinderella Vs. Zombies

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Publisher: Zenescope Comics

Written By: Dave Franchini

Art By: Jordi Tarragona

Colors By: Jorge Cortes

Letters By: Tyler Esposito (Of Ghost Glyph Studios)

Review By: Kendra Hale


Grimm Spotlight: Cinderella Vs. Zombies states that this 32-page issue is an adventure that only Cindy could stumble into. An insane adventure where she is pitted against zombies that have found their way back from the grave. As this came out right around Halloween, it was a great time for some horror and Zenescope normally excels in this genre. Let’s dive in.

So, We’re Doing This

Cindy has been through a helluva time lately, and after a brief walk down memory lane, she advises that she is in Toronto to “find herself”.  A date with a guru may prove to be the new start she is looking for, drama free. Fate or something more wicked has other plans in mind for Cinderella though, as her date is interrupted by zombies!

A zany adventure through the city towards the source, Cindy sees all manner of chaos. More disgusted than impressed, she makes her way to fix things…as only she can. Hopefully,  successfully avoiding a maw or two.


When it comes to the variant covers, Grimm Spotlight: Cinderella Vs. Zombies delivers with some amazing talents like Igor Vitorino, Leo Matos, Ula Mos and Ivan Nunes, among others. The artwork, and even the fact that this is a single issue style story, is synonymous with Zenescope. Even the level of gore is welcome, being around Halloween and all. I actually laughed at the page check I had to do myself on page 2.


I know that this is a one-shot and really just a fluff issue, I get that. Zenescope is famous for them. This was also my first time meeting Cindy in years, so this opinion comes from a first-time meeting. An impression if you will.

The artwork was fine, there were some great moments, yet the concept was a throwaway even if it did do what needed to be done. But I am not a fan of Cindy’s character here. It feels like a version of Harley Quinn, but with no charm. I don’t root for her to win and I wouldn’t have bemoaned a loss. I don’t know why, or where I got that from, but this wasn’t an issue I would read again. It feels like one I would get for variant cover art only, honestly.


I wasn’t the biggest fan of Grimm Spotlight: Cinderella Vs. Zombies. I wanted to fully love the humor or the puns. But they felt forced or just available. It definitely wasn’t my favorite of the selection of horror annuals.


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