Lex Luthor… is BATMAN?!?

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Lex Luthor will drop his kryptonite ring in favor of a cape and cowl this March as Batman.

The recently-released DC 2022 schedule has revealed the cover of Batman #121 by artist Joge Molina. It features, Luthor, not Bruce Wayne, suiting up as the Dark Knight, in the fourth installment of the “Abyss” storyline.

Lex Luthor As The Dark Knight for “Abyss?!” In Control of Batman, Inc.??

As revealed in the recent issue of Batman, Bruce Wayne, no longer a billionaire, lost control of Batman, Inc. As fans remember, Batman Inc. was Bruce’s way of expanding his war on crime by recruiting similar vigilantes in the world. With funding and training these “Batmen of the world” were meant to expand the Dark Knight’s efforts.

Unfortunately, the property has now fallen under new management: Superman’s arch-enemy, now with a larger bank account than Bruce.  And apparently he is doing more than give Batman, Inc. a license to kill.

While he cannot reveal any key story details, series writer Joshua Williamson elaborates on the conception of Lex and Batman going at it. “When we were first talking about [inaugural story arc ideas], I asked ‘what if there’s someone trying to kill Batman, Inc.? Then I realized we’ve seen [that in every Batman Inc. story]. ‘Oh no, what if Batman Inc. killed someone and now Batman has to deal with it?’ I needed a bad guy, so I asked myself who do I want him to go against, who would be fun, and someone we hadn’t seen Batman against much recently. I remember landing on Lex and said to myself, ‘Yeah, I think I got this.'”

Catch Bruce and Luthor’s encounter in the upcoming Batman #119 when it hits shelves January, 4, 2022.

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