Indie Comics Review: The Winchester Mystery House #1

by Kendra Hale
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Review: The Winchester Mystery House #1

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Publisher: Source Point Press 

Writer: Justin Werner

Artist: Dustin Irvin 

Letterer: Justin Birch

Review by: Kendra Hale

The Winchester Mystery House #1 was a comic that immediately grabbed my attention. Honestly, who wouldn’t, at one point or another, find fascination with the story? One of my favorite Stephen King films, Rose Red, is based on the story of this house, and we have seen a recent resurgence of the topic in a newer movie with Helen Mirren exquisitely playing the role of Sarah Winchester.  

For those unaware of just who Sarah Winchester is, she was a widow with the Winchester Rifle attached to her married name. She spent her life trying to repay for all the souls killed by her family’s guns by building a house that would never cease being built. This came after a lot of pain in her own life leading her to seek answers in the after world. Source Point Press is giving readers their take on her story, so let’s dive in and check out the first issue!

Never Stop Building

Readers join Sarah as she is first purchasing the land that the Winchester house will spawn from. Sarah treats us to some of her back story and a bit of what has led her to this purchase. She’s found the perfect place in California for her crew to build the house she is picturing. And the thing that’s most important in her crew of workers led by Mr. Handler is that the builds must be exact to her specifications. 

But, as often happens with things seen as weird, the workers begin to gossip about their employer. Sure, they are being compensated for the job that doesn’t have an end date, but the circumstances of their work are strange and unique. And as the work happens and time rolls on, peculiar things begin to occur.


The first thing that grabbed me art-wise from The Winchester Mystery House #1 was, of course, the cover art. Dustin Irvin gives a haunting and stunning depiction of all that Sarah Winchester encompasses. Readers also get a glimpse of the artwork that awaits them on the inside as well. This is a special treat indeed as the artwork is so detailed and draws you in. 

Joshua Werner has quite a task ahead of him when it comes to a story so well known. That said for this first offering it is refreshing to see different sides of Sarah Winchester and the personal way in which her story is spoken is as if she is whispering it to you herself. I look forward to seeing this series unfold and see it as a whole.  


Couldn’t put it down? Wanted it to keep going? I mean that is really it in the negatives.  If being enthralled is a negative, chalk it up. 


The Winchester Mystery House #1 is a book I am fully recommending. If the first issue is anything to go off on then this is sure to be a treat for all. 

Images Courtesy Of Source Point Press

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