Review: Batwoman 3×05 – “A Lesson from Professor Pyg”

by Steven Brown
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Review: Batwoman 3×05 – “A Lesson from Professor Pyg”

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Director: David Ramsay

Writers: Caroline Dries, Ebony Gilbert, Natalie Abrams, Daphne Miles, Maya Houston

Starring: Javicia Leslie, Meagan Tandy, Rachel Skarsten, Nicole Kang, Nick Creegan, Rob Nagle

Reviewed by: Steven Brown


Ryan asks Sophie to accompany her to dinner to Jada’s home. Marquis makes a surprise introduction to the dinner as well. Jada Jet’s past comes back to haunt her and shows Ryan just how vulnerable her mother really is. Alice makes a realization about Mary.


Ryan and Sophie go on a dinner date to Jada’s home in an attempt to find evidence on her. I have to admit that Jada’s actions from the very beginning have always been suspicious, but now it seems that we have distinct reasons as to why. This dinner was very interesting because not just one– but two villains made their appearance here tonight, and both are tied directly to Jada Jet. Professor Pyg made his way into the dinner by disguising himself as Jada’s special chef. In actuality his name is Lazlo Valentine, a former employee of Jada who she fired recently. Having since fallen on hard times, Valentine takes out his frustrations on an unsuspecting Jada and her company.


Marquis’ big reveal towards the end of the show was epic. It seemed that Jada wanted to keep Ryan away from Marquis for Ryan’s own safety as it seems that he’s not well mentally. Thanks to a confrontation years ago with the Joker, Marquis’ mind is tainted and prone to moments of anger and rage. He puts it on display tonight towards the end of the episode, and at the very end he does something very Joker-like. I’m eager to see where the writers are going with this, because I was definitely fooled. Alice is still dealing with her hallucination issues, however it seems that now she has to help Mary as well. Mary is apparently dealing with side effects from interacting with Poison Ivy’s plants from the park awhile back. It was pretty subtle in a few episode if you paid attention, but now she’s starting to act way different than normal. Alice oddly enough is the first one to notice–and she offers her help. Hopefully this will lead to a path of redemption for Alice besides just hunting down villains for Montoya. Alice has moments of heroics, but I feel the writers sometimes hold her back at some points. Maybe this will be the turning point of something new for her character.


Overall, Batwoman 3×05 was a good episode and I’m looking forward to next week. Hopefully Professor Pyg will make a return at some point, but I think the focus will be on Marquis and what his plans are next now that he’s exposed by Jada. It seems that Jada has been worried about Ryan from the very beginning which is why she gave her up at birth–she didn’t want her son to kill her like he did his own father.


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