Matt Letscher Returns as Reverse Flash on “Legends of Tomorrow”

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Matt Letscher brings Eobard Thawne Version 1 back to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

The actor who has portrayed the original face of The Reverse-Flash returns this season in the Jan. 26th episode entitled “The Fixed Point.”

Matt Letscher Back As Reverse-Flash – His Dizzying Background and Future

Although Tom Cavanaugh is the more infamous visage of Barry Allen’s arch-nemesis, the character’s original face was that of Letscher’s. They both appeared in the inaugural first season of The Flash, with Letscher’s version revealed in a flashback. In episode 20, “The Trap,” Letscher’s Thawne, exiled in 2000 after Nora Allen’s murder erases The Flash’s existence, targets Dr. Harrison Wells, played by Cavanaugh.

Wells was supposed to create the particle accelerator that causes the accident that creates the Flash in 2020, but Thawne needs to move things up. Causing a car accident, he murders Wells’s wife and steals the scientist’s DNA via future tech to become Harrison Wells. He then manipulates his way to 2013’s S.T.A.R. Labs’s Particle Accelerator that deliberately explodes, empowering Allen and birthing the metahuman community. Throughout the season, he trains Allen while secretly plotting to use him to open a breach in the space-time continuum with his speed so that he can return home.

Although Reverse-Flash is erased from existence when his ancestor, Eddie Thawne, shoots himself, Letscher’s Thawne returns in the second season. Explained as a timeline remnant at the beginning of Thawne’s villainous journey, Reverse-Flash is sent back to the future despite Barry’s protests.  Letscher appeared again in the Season 3 premiere, which is the launchpad for his appearances as the main villain for The Legends’ second season. Realizing he’s a paradox living on borrowed time, he pursued The Spear of Destiny with Malcolm Merlyn and Damian Dhark, whom he removed from their timeline before their deaths. Sarah Lance, however, depowered the spear, and Thawne was killed by The Speed Force’s repurposed Zoom, now The Black Flash.

As for why he is here again, it is as a reluctant ally of the Legends, as suggested by the February 2nd episode synopsis. to break a fixed point to attract the attention of the Evil Waverider.  During this installment, the Legends are supposed to discover who has been manipulating them and Captain Sarah Lance attempts a negotiation that goes sideways.

Catch the next episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow this coming Wednesday, Jan 19th on The CW.

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