Naomi Adds New Superman To DC Multiverse

by Brad Filicky
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Naomi Adds New Superman To DC Multiverse! Naomi, The CW’s new DC show has debuted, and those fans wanting to see Tyler Hoechlin reprise his role as Superman may be disappointed. Readers of the Naomi comic now that the Man of Steel plays an important role, but the Superman we see will not be the Arrowverse version.

Show star Kaci Walfall had this to say. “I think that Naomi exists in her own universe, so Tyler Hoechlin who plays Superman in Superman & Lois was not on the set; but I’m excited for fans to see that take on Superman, especially in the first episode,”

Executive producer Ava DuVernay  echoed that sentiment recently sduring the show’s virtual panel at the Television Critics Association winter press tour when she said that Naomi is on her own path and that there would be no crossovers in Season 1.

In terms of crossovers, we’re not thinking about that right now,” DuVernay said. “She’s on her own path, and I really think that this is the first part of the Naomi-verse, and that people need to be trying to cross over over here. You won’t see any crossovers Season 1. That’s not there,” DuVernay continued. “[Naomi] is firmly in her story and we are singularly focused on that journey.”

Given that it looks like we may not see any crossovers this season, it does look like we will see Naomi go through a lot of changes.

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