Rachel Zegler Confirms more about her Shazam! 2 Role

by Lee White
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In a recent interview with Variety, Rachel Zegler confirmed more about her, Mirren, and Liu’s roles in SHAZAM!: Fury Of The Gods.

When Shazam! burst onto the scene in 2019, it was a breath of fresh air. It was a comedic and lighter feeling movie which was in stark contrast to its DC siblings. With it being greeted with such positive responses from the cinema-going public it is no surprise a sequel was green-lit fairly quickly.

Now, with Shazam! Fury of the Gods well on its way, we’re beginning to gather more information. Starring Zachary Levi as the orphan turned superhero Shazam, the film is due for release on June 3rd, 2023.  The Movie was originally scheduled for an earlier release but has been pushed back due to the ongoing pandemic.  David F. Sandberg is returning to the director’s chair as well and will carry on where he previously left off following Billy and his adopted siblings.

New Faces

There are some big stars joining Shazam‘s corner of the DC Universe with this film.  Iconic Hollywood names such as Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu will appear.  Another new face is that of Rachel Zegler, and until this point, we knew very little about the role she will be playing.  We had seen images showing her in some form of golden armor, but no information on powers or even a name.

Here’s what Rachel Zegler had to say:

There’s 3 goddesses. I am the youngest of 3 goddesses, there’s 3 sisters. We come and shake up the Shazamily a bit. It’s such a fun movie… I’m very excited to see the finished product.

The role Zegler will be playing appears to be very different from what fans may have first thought. The behind-the-scenes video clip released at DC FanDome 2021 implied that she would be a potential love interest for Freddy, Billy’s foster brother. Although we still don’t have a name, we are slowly piecing together more about the new character.

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