DC: ‘Batman: Fortress’ Announced For May!

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DC Comics has announced writer Gary Whitta and artist Darrick Robertson’s latest project, Batman: Fortress.

Coming in May, the 8-issue miniseries follows the Dark Knight as he attempts the impossible: Raid The Fortress of Solitude. The question is, why has Batman decided to infiltrate his closest ally’s Kryptonian refuge? As always, when it comes to Bruce Wayne, circumstances dictate the action. Specifically, the Earth is under attack and the Man of Steel is mysteriously absent.  The situation worsens, however, with a citywide blackout and resulting crime wave.

DC’s Batman: Fortress – What Are The Creator’s Thoughts?

All fans familiar with Superman lore know that the Fortress of Solitude, in every iteration, is the repository of all knowledge on Kal-El’s long-dead homeworld. It also houses trophies from previous adventures, as well as dangerous technology that he took for safekeeping. Whether in the arctic or in the South American jungles – as was the case pre-One Year Later 

This is Whitta and Robertson’s second collaboration after their cocreation, Oliver, also for the company.

Gary, famous for films such as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and The Book of Eli, sees this as a mix of two blessings:

It’s always been my greatest wish to write a truly epic Batman story, one that draws inspiration from some dark and unexpected corners of the DC [Universe. The] opportunity to once again work with my friend Darrick [again] makes this all the sweeter. I hope that together we’ve done some justice to some of DC’s [best, while] reinventing everything you thought you knew about [them.]

As for Robertson – equally famous for his work on The Boys – he welcomes the chance to reteam with Whitta. His excitement at drawing a Batman book is equal to Gary writing it.

I’m having the best time creating the art for this series and with my pal and original The Boys [editor,] Ben Abernathy, at the [helm, we’ve got] a lot of fun twists and surprises ahead for the readers!

Join the fight in Batman: Fortress when it hits shelves on May 24th.

Official Source – DC Announces ‘Batman: Fortress’ by Gary Whitta and Darick Robertson! | DC (dccomics.com)

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