Review: Catwoman #41

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Catwoman #41

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tini Howard

Artist: Nico Leon

Letters: Tom Napolitano

Colors: Veronica Gandini

Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


That’s your contact for disposing of bodies?  Are you insane?  He’s a cannibal.” –  Selina to Valmont

Catwoman #41 – With Batman out of the picture, Catwoman would be wise to remember that there are more than bats in Gotham’s belfries.
Speaking of bats, Onyx returns to her home city to bat cleanup and make sure Catwoman’s not letting any strays into her city…and with no big Bat in the shadows, those pesky no-killing rules are off the table.
Let’s see if Catwoman and Onyx can agree on a target…


Narration is the key when it comes to Tini Howard’s new angle on Catwoman.  While Joelle Jones lacked a lot of dialogue and Ram V was rich in it in other ways, Howard’s Catwoman is very verbose. 

Howard writes a different Selina…one that seems drawn to both males and females in terms of sexuality and one that takes risks being associated with known fringe killers and mob types.  While her past is accepted as a cat burgler, Howard has a darker Selina that is at war with herself.    

On some levels Selina is too accepting and others, she puts up guards.  I’m conflicted on the road she is on as a reader.

Positives 2.0

Nico Leon, Tom Napolitano and  Veronica Gandini are giving off a real Blade Runner vibe in this book.  Pink and purple abound, but I am really expecting Harrison Ford to pop out at any moment.  The art and lettering team is in top form.


Call me crazy but I sense a change in Selina.  She is drssing in a trench coat and a necktie.  She’s walking around Little Tokyo looking like a character out of Blade Runner.  She still has her code but she is denying being part of the Bat-Family as fast as Peter denied Christ. 

This looks like Howard is taking Selina back to a few steps. Is she a hero rescuing strays or has Bruce hurt her in a way where she is simply done?  Only Howard knows…


Gotham continues to be a place that is odd to predict.  From Valmont (who again looks like a Ghost Hunter rip off) to Onyx Adams (I am just getting acquainted with this new/old presence in Gotham)  to Flamingo…a cannibal that eats victims???  I would sure hate to be Gotham’s tourism director.  I’m in on Howard’s run as she is setting the stage for something…what?  I cannot pick up the clues yet. 


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