Review: Superman & Lois 2×02 – “The Ties That Bind”

by Steven Brown
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Review: Superman & Lois 2×02 – “The Ties That Bind”

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Director: David Ramsey

Writers: Kristi Korzec, Michael Narducci, Juliana James, Katie Aldrin, Jai Jamison, Andrew N. Wong

Starring: Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, Jordan Elsass, Alex Garfin, Wole’ Parks, Tayler Buck, Adam Rayner, Ian Bohen

Reviewed by: Steven Brown


In Superman & Lois 2×02, Superman struggles to deal with visions that continue to destabilize him. Meanwhile, small tremors start to rattle Smallville and get the residents suspicious. Natalie and John Irons attempt to adjust to life on the farm with the Kents.


Superman & Lois 2×02 starts off with a giant breakfast made by Lois Lane in the morning. With Natalie and and John now living at the farm, Lois is hoping to make a small impression on the young girl. While talking with the family at the table, Clark once again experience’s the painful visions once more. Causing him to fall to the floor in pain, Clark is sure remnants of the Eradicator remain within and decides to see Morgan Edge, known as Tal-Rho. Tal-Rho, who was revealed to be Kal-El’s brother at the end of season one is currently locked up in a red sun prison, powerless. Superman confides in Tal-Rho in this episode about his personal issues and I hope that at some point Tal redeems himself in the future. Tal introduces Superman to his mother Lara thanks to Tal’s citadel. The three have a momentary bonding moment that’s almost ruined by Tal’s hatred of both his mother and brother. Superman gets the answers he needs, but it seems to come with a price.


Superman’s issues don’t just occur at home. Elsewhere, while trying to stop a superpowered adversary, Superman loses consciousness again because of the visions, and this time it’s Lt. Anderson who welcomes him. Anderson’s disappointed in Superman and tells him if he doesn’t want to be with the D.O.D., then his help is no longer needed. Tag Harris, the out-of-control speedster from season one makes an appearance here– and he along with two other teens, are wearing Superman’s symbol. Superman remarks to Anderson that Tag is barely 18, but Anderson doesn’t even care. I definitely think there will be consequences to those particular groups of teens with wearing that particular symbol down the road.


Superman & Lois 2×02 was a great episode that leaves you immediately wanting the next episode. As always there’s plenty of action, but the overall story makes you ask questions about all the characters and their motivations. David Ramsey’s directing remains awesome as always and I’m looking forward to another episode with him at the helm.


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