Review: Superman & Lois 2×12 – “Lies That Bind”

by Steven Brown
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Review: Superman & Lois 2×12 – “Lies That Bind”

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Director: David Mahmoudieh

Writers: Rina Mimoun, Julianna James, Katie Aldrin, Jai Jamison, Andrew N. Wong, Adam Mallinger

Starring: Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, Jordan Elsass, Alex Garfin, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Adam Rayner, Rya Kihlstedt

Reviewed by: Steven Brown


Lies That Bind” – With Lana knowing Clark’s secret, she starts to ask more questions. Meanwhile, Superman, General Lane, and John Henry attempt to destroy the pendant once and for all.


Now with the pendant in his possession, Superman is conflicted about what to do next. Consulting with General Lane and John Henry, the three agree that destroying the pendant is the best option. Having the power to do it however is something completely different. Superman doesn’t have the power to destroy the pendant on his own, so he goes to his brother Tal-Rho for help. Still imprisoned, Tal-Rho agrees to help Superman but for a price– his brother’s trust. Superman is reluctant to forgive, but he agrees. Tal-Rho tells Superman however that his forgiveness isn’t enough– he wants to see Lois as well. I was surprised at how genuine Tal-Rho was with apologizing to Lois and wanting to earn her trust.

Clark has issues of his own with Lana as well. In the previous episode, Clark revealed his secret to Lana. In “Lies That Bind “, she asks questions to Clark about his past and their relationship in high school. At first, I thought she would be angry at Clark, but she actually understood the burden he takes every day with his secret. However, the truth doesn’t come without consequence though. Lana barred all contact between their families, saying that she feels the trust between them all is broken. I think it’ll take some time, but Lana will work through it and ultimately get through this. Clark has been her best friend for years, and I hardly think she’ll throw that away.


Using the combined might of their powers, Superman and Tal-Rho are able to destroy the pendant. However, Ally still takes the pieces and flies off. The most disturbing thing seems to be that although the pendant is broken, Ally still retains her godlike powers. Superman distracted during this revelation, turns around to see that Tal-Rho has also escaped. Honestly, I don’t really see this as an issue for the future though. Tal-Rho seems sincere about wanting to change and become a better person, and I think he’ll take advantage of his freedom with good intentions.


“Lies That Bind” was a great episode that overall shows the fallout of Clark’s reveal to Lana his secret identity, and also just how powerful Ally has become. Towards the end of the episode, Ally’s power is really put on display when she drains the powers from the Bizarro Tal-Rho, who stood against her in the Bizarro world. Leaving nothing but a lifeless husk, this seems to be only a fraction of her power.


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