‘Gotham Knights’ Star David Alexander Miller Reveals Bloody Bat-Cowl

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Gotham Knights does have a Batman, and he’s dead… with screen time to come.

David Alexander Miller, the actor who will portray Bruce Wayne in the upcoming series, posted a revealing Instagram photo. You can see him battered and bloody on the left side of his face in the makeup chair. In the foreground, meanwhile, is the severely damaged cowl of the Batman. Unfortunately, however, at the time of this article, the photo has since been removed.

Up until this point, fans only had a set video leaked in April to confirm fans will see the Dark Knight on the show. However, it is not clear that the public saw an earlier design of the cowl based on the color distinction. Still, since the character’s murder sets off the chain of events in the pilot, it is unclear as to how much of Batman will be shown.  Regardless, it remains to be seen if this reveal will help to stem the backlash caused by the trailer released last month.

Gotham Gets New Heroes And New Bat-Family Member

Here’s the official synopsis of the series:

Bruce Wayne is murdered and his adopted son forges an alliance with the children of Batman’s enemies. As the city becomes more dangerous, these mismatched fugitives will become its next generation of saviors, known as the Gotham Knights.

Mischa Collins, who plays Harvey Dent, elaborated on the relationship between his character and the billionaire and the dynamic with Bruce’s newly adopted son, Turner Hayes (Oscar Morgan).

[I’m playing] the D.A. of Gotham and I also happen to have been friends with [Bruce Wayne. I] knew [Turner] very well growing up, [right? Turner] was almost like an adopted nephew to me, so when the evidence piles up against him, I don’t want it to be true.

Aside from the character of Carrie Kelly (Navia Ziraili Robinson), the strongest connection to the Batman mythos is Collin’s Harvey Dent, fated to become the psychotic Two-Face. The notion of Harvey as a friend of either Bruce Wayne or Batman has been approached multiple times on every media platform. The most recent was the animated Batman: The Long Halloween Parts 1 and II, voiced by Josh Duhamel. But Collins says to not look for any acid or a two-headed silver dollar thrown at Dent too soon.

[M]y character will be Harvey Dent for the whole first year. So I have a nice long stretch of not being two-faced.”

To date, there’s no scheduled release date. Please click below to view the trailer.


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